Reconnecting with Nature!

I have been noticing how much healing I am feeling from small interactions with nature at the moment. 

I’ve realised lately how sunrises are particularly healing, so is being anywhere where all four elements meet, like a seashore at sunrise or sunset, connecting with birds, listening to their song, talking with trees.  In particular I have felt connected to the starling murmerisation in Brighton where about 10,000 birds fly in unison each day before sunset and roost under a building as the sun disappears, and at sunrise they all emerge from the pier or the marina pub and go off to their hunting grounds in great swarthes.  As they roost they chatter in their thousands before settling down for the night.  What are they saying I wonder…something I read suggests they talk about where to go to find a good feed, but I bet there is more said than that!  It feels like that if you intend to connect with nature she will interact with you, or bring you some gift even if its not the sunrise you were expecting.  I’ve also been connecting with trees, putting my back to them and found its good for releasing tears or emotions.  

I think the thing that is helping me feel more connected to nature is my raw food diet.  I am eating organic raw salad, fruit and nuts mainly, and it makes me feel amazing and very clear in mind body and spirit, and gives you the energy to feel the vibrations and beauty around you.  Nature seems to talk to you more when you eat raw food.

On Christmas day I connected with the 2 oldest elms in europe and really talked to them, then my friend came round later that day, not knowing I had done this, bearing an xmas card with a tree on it, saying how his partner had explained to him that very morning how trees communicate with you via their pheremones.  I got a message years ago from a loved one who had gone over to the other side that I should put my back to trees more often.  I think we are so divorced from nature and at this intense period of transformation personally and globally, it is important to reconnect.  I once listened to a geomancer who explained that he had noticed the link between serious illnesses and disturbed earth energies beneath where people live,  particularly where man had disturbed the underground water. 

My friend has got herself an earthing mat, which you plug in at night and lie on.  She has been ill for a many years and she finds it very healing.  The earthing mat gives you the same energy as if you walked barefoot on the earth.

At this time in particular I think its important to take time to connect, watch a sunrise, or listen to the birds, talk to the trees, nature does respond!  Lets unplug the phones and computers sometimes, and step outside the electronic grid that we are immersing ourselves in, and talk to our mother nature, and where possible eat her food – unprocessed, natural raw plant food.  Its a spiritual gateway they say and all my experiences with it confirm that it transforms life more into the paradise it is perhaps meant to be.


About spiritandshadow

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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