Who is Big Brother?

A question came up in a conversation I was having recently: ‘who is big brother’?  The term comes from Orwell’s book 1984.  Orwell was a member of the Fabian society and David Icke suggests that his accurate vision of the future was not so much political prophecy as knowledge about plans that were already laid out in the 1940’s.  Not only are there malevolent plans for humanity, some would say, going back to the 1940’s, but David Icke suggests that ‘they’ are capable of planning globally accross huge tracts of time.

The question of a global conspiracy may well be lurking on the periphery of many people’s minds if we consider a survey by the Guardian Newspaper which found that 50% of people believe in conspiracy theories.  David Icke with his reptilian agenda and accurate predictions of recent world events said that 20 years ago he could not fill a telephone box, whereas now he fills halls internationally with 2000 people a time for his talks.  A friend recently stated that we sense we are being lied to but we just don’t know how much.

The popularity of such films such as the Truman Show and the Matrix where people find themselves in a manipulated reality of which they previously had no awareness may reflect the feeling in us, collectively, that something is not right.  The film Zeitgeist is the most downloaded film in the history of the internet, and again suggests people are awakening to the possibility of a manipulated reality.  The documentary questions the story told to us about 9/11, looks at the Christ story as a solar myth told in many different guises at that time and suggests that mankind is being enslaved by the way governments let bankers charge interest for simply printing money. 

Ian R Crane, editor of Uncensored magazine and prolific researcher and speaker on conspiracy ideas writes of our monetary system:

‘Why are Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal and so many other countries experiencing depression-like conditions right now? It is because they have too much debt. Why do they have too much debt…because they allowed themselves to become enslaved to the bankers. Borrowing money from the bankers can allow a nation to have a higher standard of living in the short-term, but it always results in a lower standard of living in the long-term…because you always have to pay back more money than you borrowed. Huge amounts of money that could be going to providing essential services and stimulating your economy are now going to service your horrific debt. Today, citizens in Greece, Spain, Portugal and Italy are experiencing a standard of living far below what they should be because the bankers have trapped them in endless debt spirals.

Sadly, the vast majority of the people living in those countries have absolutely no idea what is at the root cause of their problems. The truth is that no sovereign nation on earth ever has to borrow a single penny from anyone. In theory, there is nothing stopping a government from printing up debt-free money and spending it into circulation. But that is not the way our world works. Instead, our national governments borrow money that has been zapped into existence out of thin air by central banks. Now what kind of sense does that make’?

And he asks: ‘Why don’t our governments just create the money themselves’?

When we think of ‘Big Brother’, we call to mind the CCTV cameras, indeed Britain is the most watched country in the world, and the increasingly invasive state powers over the individual.  But there is an awakening to possible huge manipulations of humanity:   9/11 and 7/7, the wars in the middle east and America’s promise of perpetual war against 40-50 countries.  There is Codex Aliemantarus, the global food program that few have heard of but which appears to be seeking global control of foods and alternative medecines and vitamins in a way that seems not only unsympathetic to humanity’s health but downright malignant.  Then there was the swine flu propoganda… strange goings on were afoot – forced vaccinations in entire countries, the selling of vast numbers of vaccinations that contained really poisonous substances, massive changes that have given sweeping powers to the WHO to take control of whole countries health AND security if a pandemic is declared, and the worst of all; 16 tons of vaccination just about to go out to the people of Europe, which was discovered by chance by a czech lab technician to contain the bird flu virus.  The journalist who tried to expose Baxters, the creators of the vaccine in question, was almost forcibly detained in a mental institution for her trouble.  There is the increasing centralisation, the gatherings of the elite in secret meetings like the Bildeberger Group, that even the mainstream press now admits are for real, and the join-up of international intelligence agencies like the ISI, mossad and the CIA the cameras, the strange death of David Kelly and the dodgy dossier that got us into the War on Iraq, the ID cards, the new world order, awareness of the enslavement of common man through the debt and banking systems, the extreme technology that is being employed against humanity such as the HAARP system, and the echelon listening system – see giant golf balls in Yorkshire – to name but a few of the issues!

But is this just a knawing sense of disquiet in a our complex modern lives with personal and world events ricocheting out of control, or is there something more sinister that we are being subject to and if so – who is behind it?

Some people see what is going on as about politics, money and power, even if it is extreme.  John Pilger calls the missing word ’empire’; that what is happening in the middle east is empire building.  This is the simplest answer for sure.  Or could it be about gender? Simply that we have too many men in charge of the world..men being martial by nature, archetypally.    Some argue that Psychopaths run our countries who have a dominant reptilian brain and the ability to compartmentalize their actions.  We all do it..if we help to build bombs by day that could kill and maim, we will say, its just a job and it would happen anyway and go home and sleep soundly in our beds.  Alternatively, our leaders could simply be at the mercy of religion.  Tony Blair told Jeremy Paxman in an interview that he asked God if he should go to war.  I can’t remember if Paxman reminded him that he should have been listening to the people as to whether to go to war or not! George Galloway the British MP said that Blair is messianic and George double ya Bush is reputedly also religious.  Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, especially if you think you also have God’s ear.  A quote in David Icke’s book ‘ A Guide to the Global Conspiracy’ by Blaise Pascal sums up this view ‘Men never do evil so completely and cheefully as when they do it from religious conviction’.

David Icke believes that the a number of families with reptilian alien blood are controlling things on the planet.  It may seem completely outside the box, but our boxes are usually controlled by what ‘they’ choose to put on the box, so we have only recently come to really communicate with each other about what is going on in the world via the internet.  David Icke has also predicted a lot of things that have come to pass and certain bloodlines do seem to dominate accross the ages.  Additionally the alien bloodline story seems to connect up with the ancient history as seen by the Zulus, the Sumerians and the Native American Indians, even the bible speaks of the Nephilim sleeping with women of the earth, and the Mayans also said their teacher Quetzalcoatl was from the Pleadian constellation.

There are many possible alien links, too many to be dismissed – Barbera Hand Clow, an author said that when she was initiated into her native american tribe, they told her which star system she was connected to,  there is the mystery of the dogon tribe that gained advanced astronomical knowledge of the Sirius star system several hundred years ago, from, they say, visitors from Sirius, that only now are the finest astronomical instruments on the planet able to confirm.  A modern day spiritual teacher Melchizedek, says includes a photo of his spiritual teacher, who has an elongated head, just like it Tutankahmuns head and other pharoahs.  Melchizedek says that is because his teacher is Sirian..ie of the star system Sirius.  There is the abduction phenomenon to consider too.  I heard a Harvard professor speak after hynotising and counselling thousands of people over a 10 year period who had claimed to have experienced alien abduction.  Plus the cattle mutilations with evidence that they have been picked up and mutilated and dropped from a great height.   What if it were true but we are just too afraid to see it.

I read something recently that ‘what we are unconsious of becomes our fate’.  This certainly made sense in my own life, where I realised I was unconscious of the fact that I attract people into my life with mental and emotional problems, and often with drug and alcohol problems.  I couldn’t stop it happening because I was not conscious of it.  The same must apply collectively..what we are unconscious of becomes our fate.  If we are  collectively unconsious of the fact that there are higher intelligences or aliens or a galactic community, then we have not choice at all about how to react.

In my view, the crop circles, in the main, are not made by humans.  A former military officer has spent the last 10 years working with channelled information from hundreds of sources to try and build up a picture of what the crop circles are about.  His conclusions are that they could be made by a collective of higher intelligences….the earth spirit, beings from other star systems, humans, the family of light as he calls it.  One top scientist from Australia has identified  one of the circle makers as Quetzalcoatl, the great being whom the Mayans say was their teacher and apparently came from the Pleiades, to teach them all their knowledge.  This scientist believes that he is one of several ‘interplanetary teachers’ that are re-emerging at this time, for those that have the eyes to see it. The crop circles seem to reveal communication from our ancestors – the ancient egyptians, the celts, the mayans the ancient Greeks.   Amongst many things the crop circles communicate knowledge of time travel technology in the form of several double wormhole crop circles, which might explain how our ancestors could be communicating forwards with ancient calendars and symbology from the ancient celts, the ancient Egyptians, ancient Greeks and Mayans to name but a few.  Impossible?  Perhaps, but start looking into it…something incredible is taking place in the fields.  A great website for seeing the cropcircles is www.temporarytemples.com and another is www.cropcircleconnector.com.  The fact that the Great Pyramid has appeared in crop circles at least 50 times might suggest that the pyramid builders are leaving their calling card and even that the same technology used to build the pyramids was also used to create the crop circles.  We do not know for sure that the Egyptians did build the pyramids, or that the pharoahs with the strange shaped heads were not demi-gods spoken of by the ancients – part alien, part human.  This ideas is the root of the ‘bloodlines’ theory that David Icke speaks about…ie that the main controlling families that have controlled the world through the ages such as the Hapsbergs, the Rothschilds, the Bauers, the Merovingians to name a few carry the blood of the alien/human hybrids that the histories of many ancient cultures speak of ie the sumerians, the native american indians and the Zulus. As stated earlier, even the bible speaks of the nephilim sleeping with the women of the earth. 

If the histories of the ancient indigenous peoples carried by the shamans in oral histories going back time immemorial are to believed then ‘alien’ or interplanetary beings have always been part of the human race?  Have we been interefered with or even seeded by more evolved races for good or ill?  

What seems possible if you look at all of the information is that the Gods are here and that’s not to say that we aren’t all part of the one, but that beings more powerful, perhaps longer-lived, with knowledge and technology far in advance of our own have been leaving their prints accross the planet from time immemorial.  Perhaps it is time for us to collectively become aware.  But what we can’t know either is whether they are good or bad or whether both good and bad are have a hand in things.

A top Australian Scientist, who uses his sharp intellect to help deciper the crop circles, showed an image at the end of one of his talks of the beauty, perfection and exquisite geometry of the crop circles alongside the bombs and destruction of the wars being perpetrated on this planet, and he concluded with the words; ‘I know which world I prefer’.

The dark shadows that many people are becoming aware of on this planet, such as 9/11 set up in order to perpetuate what the neo-cons said would be war against 40-50 countries could be of an alien nature – a martian energy perhaps almost completely devoid of compassion for human life.  The Sumerian records suggest the reptilian beings in question are called the Annunuki, whilst the Zulu people call them the chitauri. 

A friend of mine recently saw this crop circle and, unlike many people, intuitively knew that this was something other than human’s at work, and immediately saw that it reflected what is happening on the planet. 

Alien Face Message and Crop Circle - UK 2002

This crop circle is astonishing – a 3D image of an alien which appeared overnight in the fields of Wiltshire.  Paul Vigay deciphered the disc beside the alien as an ASKI code message (a computer language).  The message reads:

Beware the bearers of FALSE gifts and their BROKEN PROMISES.  Much PAIN but still time.  BELIEVE There is GOOD out there.  We Oppose DECEPTION. Conduit Closing.

To me this crop circle is warning us about our deceivers but also  reminding us too that there are good beings around to assist.  The plans of the shadow people, whoever they are, seem to be empowered by the ability to make very long term plans, backed by supreme technology and very detrimental to humanity.  As my friend Graeme said, we are ants and they are gods.  If it is true then I feel that the hands of the ‘good’ aliens and ‘bad’ aliens may about to be revealed.  And in doing so humanity may come of age, and whilst it could be a painful awakening, we could take our place in the galactic community and integrate our shadow.  For the shadows, whatever their nature, still are part of us in some form… as is the light.  In the coming time we may have to be very careful who we trust…as the message above reads beware the bearers of false gifts and broken promises.  We need to trust our instincts, and not look away in fear, but bring the fear into our hearts and believe there is good out there and within us too.

In the words of the song by Emile Sande…’we’re a wonderful, wonderful people, so when did we ever get so fearful?’


About spiritandshadow

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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