Interview on Syria – a British Syrian Man’s Perspective

Interview with a Syrian man Living in Britain
Report by Fiona Philips – 10th January 2013

…What follows is an interview with a Syrian man who has lived in Britain for 10 years and who has family in Syria.

How do you see the troubles in Syria?
‘We know in Syria that it is America that is causing what is happening. In Syria, almost 2 years ago now, America and Israel sent Al Qaeda into Syria to kill the Christians, and make it look like a rebellion’.

How many people in Syria know this?
‘Everyone in Syria knows this. America established Al Qaeda as a tool in the 1970’s to keep Russia from overtaking Afghanistan, and America is still controlling Al Qaeda to do its dirty work in Syria and as an excuse to attack all the countries in the Middle East. We knew that Al Qaeda was there from the first day of the Syrian violence, but America has only admitted it in the last 6 months and even then they do nothing, because it is their agenda in the first place; theirs and Israel. Israel is the primary puppet of America in the Middle East, set up to establish imperial domination in the Middle East back in 1948, there is a long term agenda being played out here’.

What is the bigger agenda in the Middle East?
‘It is empire building. I am 100% sure in my own mind that 9/11 was ordered by Bush. They had already asked the UN if they could attack Afghanistan and the UN said no, but then 9/11 happened and they said yes yes! It is playing on people’s emotions, manufacturing consent. You have to look at who benefitted from 9/11….. America, with the attacks and domination of the Middle East! Qatar controls Al Qaeda, and Qatar is controlled by Israel and America’.

Why are they doing this?
They are doing it because they want Assad, the President out. I would say eighty percent of Syrians love their president, we would die for him. Syria was having the best time in its history under Bashar al-Assad before the Americans began this bloodshed 2 years ago. Assad made sure that there was no debt in Syria for the people to bear – zero debt, despite all the troubles currently he ensures that the Syrian people are paid their wages. There was not a high standard of living in Syria before the violence but there was no hunger and real poverty like in Egypt. Assad is a man of the people’.

He is a man of the people, but he is a dictator?
‘It depends what you mean by a dictator. Just because he isn’t voted out every 4 years! Cameron and Blair are dictators more so than Syria’s President. To me Blair went to war without the permission of his people so he is a dictator’.

Why has America not managed to oust Assad as yet?‘Because he is clever and has the loyalty of his people in the main. The Americans tried to bribe Assad before the troubles and said if he would shake hands with Israel he would be in power all his life. He said no because he knew that he would become the number one puppet of America in the Middle East if he did.
The Americans also tried to bribe the army generals with $250 million dollars to betray Assad, and they said no! They offered the Syrian Ambassador to the UN the same amount, and he said no’!
‘The Europeans are Punishing the Syrian People…’

‘The European countries have stopped sending medicines and oil. Who are they punishing – the government or the people? There is no milk for the kids. The Syrian people are being punished for supporting Assad. Who are the real killers? I say it is Obama, Sarkozy, Qatar, Saudi Arabia. They call it revolution or civil war….is it that or an attempt to destroy the country, to make Syria weak so that it cannot defend itself? Three hundred hospitals are out of action, two hundred schools, all the railway is out of order, many electric stations’.

Family in Syria‘I want to do something for my family and my country but I am afraid that my family in Syria would be attacked if I speak out, so I write letters anonymously to people of influence, but I don’t like their responses, none of it is honest or out of compassion, it is all political rhetoric’.

Commentary by Fiona Philips
It is Interesting to observe how Sky News’ Chief Correspondent Stuart Ramsay’s commentary on Assad’s speech on 6th January 2013 where he says that the ‘revolution’ is actually a plot by Western Governments is headed – ‘ASSAD’S SPEECH CHANGES NOTHING’. What sort of political analysis is this? This is a statement where we are being told what to think. The mainstream media is of course run my vested interests, and with the help of the internet we gain access to alternative media, and the people of the world are becoming the media for each other. The loaded language in the commentary by Stuart Ramsay attached below, is self-evident. Stuart Ramsay tells us that the speech was ‘highly choreographed to an audience of the faithful’…not something we hear about our Western Government’s speeches. Stuart Ramsay suggests that Assad ‘insisted it was a plot’, making the Syrian President sound like a petulant child.
Report on Bashar al-Assad’s Live TV speech in Damascus 6 Jan 2013
In the speech in January 2013, President Assad pronounced what he saw as the Western plot behind the current violence in Syria, expressed his concern for the suffering in the country, and called the people to stand up to the attack whilst saying that change must be constitutional, proposing democratic reforms. His comments were all summarily trivialised and dismissed by the Western powers in the Sky News HD article with ‘tweets’ by our foreign minister and accusations by America that Assad is ‘detached from reality’, and sweeping statements about Assad’s lack of support outside Damascus. The interview above of the Syrian man, indicates that Assad’s view of America’s creation of the violence are shared by many in Syria and that support for Assad is much wider than is suggested by Stuart Ramsay. It is also is further indication that the people of the world continue to awaken to the increasingly obvious deceit and covert actions being perpetrated upon humanity in the form of 9/11 and the manipulated attacks in the middle east that have followed, in which hundreds of thousands if not millions of people have suffered and died.


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I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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