Globalist Genocide Plan?

Below is a link to an amazingly erudite, and articulate Doctor and activist named Rima Laibow.  She is a strong voice in the face of the apparently intentionally malignant acts against humanity that seem to proliferate all around us…and to which more and more people are awakening.     I really recommend her talk if you have an hour and a half to spare:

If you don’t have time, then this is what she conveys in no uncertain terms about the Globalist elite and their plans for us.  She looks at food controls, the beginning of the pharmaceutical and agri-business and its cycle of death (quite an eye-opener) and how it all links into a plan of genocide against humanity.  It links also links into my recent reading about the possibility that HIV is man-made.

Rima attends some of the Codex Alimentarius meetings.  Codex Alimentarius is the global food organisation connected to the UN that is imposing controls on our food, alternative medicine and access to vitamins. Rima speaks up for natural food and natural therapies as Codex tries to restrict our access to clean, natural, life-sustaining food globally.

Rima reminds us that according to the US constitution slavery is illegal. Either, she says, you own your own body or you are a slave, so how come in America we must have vaccinations and are forced by law to vaccinate children and in some states to give them chemotherapy.    She said we are losing choice over our bodies and our food.  America is no the only country forced into vaccinations – some European countries introduced mandatory vaccinations – and our press (in the UK) tried it on for size using intimidating language about vaccinations.  Rima believes that Codex will destroy health and fertility by weaponising our food.  She says there is a clear and articulated genocidal agenda, and she is extremely persuasive and assured in her arguments.

Rima Laibow is a psychiatrist who has never prescribed any drugs, on principle, in 40 years of treating patients.  When she speaks I found hearing ‘the truth’ about pharmaceuticals helped peal further layers of unconsciousness from me, and what she said rang bells for like we have all been asleep.

Rima explains that the WHO (World Health Organisation), the Council of Foreign Relations, the UN and the US government share a vision of a sustainable planet.  It is a beautiful vision, she says, but that the reality of their population control agenda is not beautiful at all.  Rima Laibow has had first hand experience of the globalist’s thinking when a female head of state visited her office for treatment.  My first thought was that it might Hilary Clinton, but I might be wrong.  During one of her consultations this person said to Rima that ‘it was nearly time for the great culling’.  When Rimas asked what this meant, the woman said the great culling of the ‘useless eaters’.  To them, says Rima, the masses are known as the ‘useless eaters’.  The elite, says Rima, believe that we consume their non-renewable resources.  When questioned about the Bildeberger Group, this woman told Rima that the Bildeberger group was not the top of the tree, that a small circle of neo-aristocrats are at the top.

This vision reminds me of the Aquarian Utopian vision, as we enter the age of Aquarius, but without the balancing forces of the opposite sign – Leo.  Leo is about the individual, and amid these visions of the elite the importance of the individual seems not only to have been lost, but to have entered some horrible Orwellian shadow.

In her estimation the elite are psychopaths.  She said they are powerful but ‘crazy’ – and she reminds us she is a professional in this area! Rima goes on to explain that the myth of overpopulation was funded and created by John D Rockefeller Jnr,  in order, she says, to :  ‘make it OK to kill people’.

She explains that it was John D Rockefeller Junior that gave the idea of killing the weak to Nazi Germany.  The history of depopulation and the Rockefeller dynasty are, according to Rima,  ‘inextricably linked’.

She goes on to explain how the pharmaceutical industry began – again with John D Rockefeller at the turn of the century.  At that time he owned all the oil in the world.  He then carried out a biased study identifying allopathic medicine as being the dominant medicine and gave a million dollars to every state in America to set up a medical board, a medical school and extra funding to Harvard.  He also set up the Rockefeller institute.  Rima states that medical training is a brainwashing procedure designed to produce puffed-up pill pushers.  Medical students are stressed to the hilt, exhausted from lack of sleep where the last thing they are supposed to do is think or as my friend says, ask the right questions.

THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a court battle recently stated that we have no legal right to know what is in our food.  In America there are laws forbidding the marking of Genetically Modified food.  The Americans are not allowed to know which food is genetically modified.  According to the ‘logic’ of the FDA is because they state that there is no difference to your health between organic and GM foods, and therefore NOT labeling foods prevents us from making ‘wrong choices’ about our food.

Rima says there is hope though because the elite are actually weak:  every time humanity mobilizes their outrage, the globalists step back, she says.  For example on September 15th 09 the Secretary  of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius sat before the US Senate.  According to the WHO and UN Charters and Treaties, when a level 6 pandemic is declared, the governance of the planet devolves to the WHO.  Rima says:  ‘we are talking one-world government’.  She continues that a level-6 pandemic was declared in June 09, whereupon Kathleen Sibelius said to the US congress ‘we are going to vaccinate all US citizens’ (i.e. forced vaccinations). However we don’t have enough vaccine so we will extend the vaccine with Squalene.  Rima explains that Squalene is part of the human nervous system that makes the transfer of electrical impulses possible.  However, according to Rima, when it is injected into your blood it causes’ profound, pervasive and irreversible auto-immune disease’.  It has been linked to the Gulf War Syndrome and the horrific auto-immune diseased contracted by so many Gulf War Veterans as Squalene was added unapproved and experimentally into the Anthrax vaccine soldiers were forced to take.  I met an entire unit of medics who had all been medically retired except for one, due to Gulf War Syndrom.  Rima explains that if you inject enough of it, it causes infertility.  There are 90,000 vaccine sites to do this within the US.  The amount that they planned was enough to cause irreversible sterility.  At Rima’s Natural Solutions Foundation, they told the people about it via the internet , and 3.5 million emails reached the Whitehouse and Kathleen Sibelius.  Rima said, we were saying to them;  ‘Don’t you dare’.  They stepped back, and did not proceed with their plans.

Rima states that ‘war has been declared upon the human population’ and that domination and depopulation are the goals.

The Globalists, say Rima, have decided the population on the planet must be reduced from 6 billion to 500 million.  Codex and the FDA, says Rima, are doing everything they can to chemicalize food and reduce our access to vitamins, alternative medicine, whilst altering and damaging our genes with GM foods.  Rima states that GM food what she called Genetically Modified Phude because its not food, is horrifyingly dangerous.  It does not sustain life, and damage from food, drugs and radiation is damaging our genome – which is the sum total of our human history present and future. – its what is passed forward to offspring.  Plenty of research, suggests that GM introduces foreign genes into the bacteria of our gut and into our cells and the cells of fetuses causing infertility, fetal malformations, cancer and auto-immune diseases.  Rima Laibow goes on to give the example of Glyphosate – the most widely used herbicide in the world is also the 2nd most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet.

Scarily she explains how the pharmaceutical industry manufacture drugs and they also produce the agro-chemicals, that go into our food and they are also the biotech companies making GM seeds and treating animals that we then consume.  Hence the cycle of death is thus:  they make us sick with the chemicalized and denatured GM food and then we are driven into the arms of the pharmaceutical cartel – the same people.  She asks:  ‘are they innocent of this knowledge? Not at all’ she states.  Adding that the company IG Farben who were the scientists that tortured people death and built Auschwitz, spent only four years in prison following the second war.  They then regrouped and wrote to the UN saying that the UN should control the world food supply, and out of that Codex Alimentarius was created.  She said that the dominant dog in Codex is the US.  Rima says she has in her possession and it is on the internet, a WHO document that proves that the purpose of the Smallpox vaccine was to render women infertile.     Rima states that your chances of getting Alzheimers increases by 600% if you take flu vaccines.

With dark and pointed humour, she calls the FDA the ‘Food and Death Administration’, and states that 50% of drugs approved by the FDA are withdrawn quietly within 5 years because they kill too many people – ‘even for the FDA’.  She states that Big Pharma operates a revolving door policy i.e. you sit in congress, then you go back to the company, then you go back to congress, in that way an increasing merger is carried out.  Mussolini of course called ‘fascism’ the marriage between state and corporations.

Rima informs us that the Pharmaceutical/Agro-business is more profitable than war and oil combined!  I have also heard that more people die in the western world from pharmaceuticals and bad medical decisions that any other form of death.  That means that the most dangerous thing you can do for your health and life-span, is go and see your doctor.  Personally, I think the medical profession is good for immediate emergency treatment and in SOME cases diagnosis, however drugs just treat symptoms, they don’t treat the causes and rarely heal.  To my mind it is always detoxification, by eating natural, raw foods, distilled water, exercizing and fasting that returns the body to a pure and natural state, giving they body its best environment to self-heal. Indeed fasting is said to be nature’s cure, and all animals fast when they get sick, because as you fast the body attempts to heal and remove toxins from the body.


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I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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