The Tall Whites – Alien Disclosure

The Tall Whites apparently are between 6 and 9 feet tall, with white hair and skin; they are thin with paper-thin skin and eyes similar to ours, yet larger.

The former Canadian Defence secretary has admitted at a Citizen’s Hearng on Disclosure in Washington in May 2013 in a public forum that aliens have been visiting this planet for thousands of years, and named four species including the Tall Whites.  He said that the US Government is in communication with the aliens.

Here are some of the highlights of his testimony:

– “At least four species” of alien have been visiting Earth for “thousands of years.” including the TALL WHITES.

– Some of the aliens hail from the “Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, and Altair star systems” and “may have different agendas.”

– Alien enthusiast Linda Moulton-Howe is correct that “there are live ETs on Earth at this present time, and at least two of them are working with the United States government.”

– Global warming is the primary threat to humanity and dealing with it is being held back by our “wars to control oil” and the “infinitely silly banking and financial system.”

– A shadowy “cabal” comprised of “the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, members of various intelligence organizations, and select members of the military junta” control world affairs and are scheming to create “one world government.”

– “Canada, too, is included in the grand plan” for one world government.

Two other notable links to the Tall Whites come through Charles Hall, a former weather watcher at Area 54/51 in the US, who claimed that Nellis base in the US has an area just for the aliens, and that he spent two years there in contact in close contact with the Tall Whites who are trading with the US Government.

Another interesting link was a Telegraph newspaper article about a policeman who spotted three tall blond aliens, examining a freshly made crop circle in Wiltshire in the UK.  The policeman said they were all over 6 foot and blond and could run faster than a human being.  These are all traits that Charles Hall has used when describing the tall whites.  This is the link for the article:

The plot thickens!


About spiritandshadow

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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