100% Raw Food Challenge – January 2014

For anyone who hasn’t heard of raw food…it is a way of eating that involves consuming raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – but don’t let that put you off, should you feel inspired to try it, as the raw dishes are surprisingly good.  Almost all dishes you can think of can be mimicked by a raw version, which often outdoes the cooked version in taste and texture, not to mention the amazing feel-good results of raw food, the weight-loss, beautifying and health benefits.

I have been dabbling with raw food for about 17 years.  In the last 2 or 3 years I stepped it up and ate mainly raw, but at weekends I was having a couple of cooked meals.  I lost 3.5 stone naturally with this change in my way of eating, as weight just falls off. Recently my cooked food consumption escalated to over-eating cooked food and having rich puddings and a lot of dairy every weekend then returning to raw food during the week.  

This January after a week of eating cooked food at Christmas I decided to try a challenge – to consume 100% raw food throughout January 2014.  I had heard that the best results come when you eat 100% raw and I wanted to try it for myself.  I also read another blogger who said she decided to try 100% raw one January and she discovered she could do this always.  I hoped this would happen to me…

It has been an enjoyable and incredibly rewarding experience.  In a nut-shell, if you pardon the pun, I feel great; the best ever, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Also, for someone who has been very food orientated, perhaps even addicted most of my life, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have been enjoying the refined tastes of raw food more than I thought I would.  I have been using a brilliant website for trying new recipes which has kept it interesting and enjoyable. The website has hundreds of recipes; all tested and beautifully photographed, plus amazing photos and tales of Carmella, the web-host’s, travels around America in her camper van:


I got inspired to re-commit to raw eating about 3 years ago by listening to a talk by Kate Wood, the top Raw food pioneer in the UK. Her top tip for starting the raw journey is to add increasing amounts of raw food to your existing food, then as you become more nourished, your desire to eat cooked food falls away naturally.  I’ve noticed that the more the month has progressed the less pulled towards over-eating or cooked food I feel.  I can go easily without breakfast and I rarely feel hungry and the need to over-eat or obsess about food has almost disappeared.   This is such a change, as most of my life I would be thinking constantly about the next big meal, and would always stuff myself to the limit. My body feels very balanced, I need noticeably less sleep and life seems to flow much better. Perhaps this is why Kate Wood, Britain’s top raw pioneer, changed her name to Kate Magic, as life seems to work out magically fuelled by raw food. It is, however, a journey to make the transition to raw food, says Kate Magic.  She has been dabbling for 10 years… but she said that she now ‘feels amazing and has limitless energy’. How many of us can say that?

So many people, and I guess we’ve all been there, struggle through life, lurching from heavy meal to heavy meal, from coffee to coffee, feeling they are on a rat wheel: awakening feeling tired and heavy and dreading the day, barely finding the energy at the end of the day to fall stupefied into the pub or onto the couch, just to drift off into TV land.  Or is that just me :-)?

I have nearly completed the month eating 100% raw and I feel great.  I seem to enjoy everything; tackling chores, work and play. I wake up feeling bright and bushy-tailed and looking forward to the day.  I rarely feel the need to slump into a chair like I have always done when my energy dips.  My emotions in the main are like a calm sea; I am more intuitive, my thinking is clearer, I have a lot more physical energy.  I am much more productive, feeling focussed and present to whatever I am doing, less stressed and I have had the energy to tackle tasks that have lain dormant for years.

Some of the dishes I have been enjoying are Raw Tomato Herb Bread, which I made into open avocado sandwiches with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, slightly warmed in the oven.  I have been getting into raw soups, like Vietnamese sweet and sour soup, slightly warmed.  I made a raw apple pie, which my work colleague enjoyed so much she wanted more!

I was in a dilemma about what to do at the end of the month, when a friend of mine (who is a Libran) helped tip the balance :-)…she said you are getting so much out of the 100% raw, why don’t you just keep going!  So I have set myself the goal of another month of 100% raw, as I don’t want to stop feeling this good and enjoying life this much!


About spiritandshadow

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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