Are You a Star Seed Anchoring a New Frequency on Earth?

In my twenties, I read, with wonder, the brilliant book, ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ by Barbara Marciniak, who channels the teachings of the ‘Pleiadians’.


It explains how ‘beings’ referred to as ‘The Family of Light’, from the Pleiades star system, are on mission to anchor a new frequency on this planet, and that ‘if you are reading this book, you are one of them’!   The book explains how millions of the ‘Family of Light’ are incarnate on earth at this time, disguised as humans, to assist with the great leap in consciousness that is occurring. These beings from Alcyone act as system busters, their speciality being to bring light, or information into dark systems….like the one on earth. Sounds too ‘out there’ or ‘impossible’? I kind of thought so too.  Yes the words in the book, at that time in my 20’s, ‘came alive’ in a synchronistic way with my inner reality, plus I knew that the books central message about our power to create with thought had resonance with my own experience, yet I was still too steeped in the 3rd Dimensional worldview and my layers of internal and external ‘prisons’, to see my life reflected fully in its pages.

In my 30’s I re-read the book, and found that it had become more ‘real’ because I had transformed many of the multiple ‘blockages’ and issues in my life, and was experiencing a greater flow of  higher dimensional experience i.e. the ability to manifest with thought, telepathy, synchronicity etc. The book described my earlier life so perfectly when they stated that the family of light feel like they are moving through layers of concrete:  ‘As you grow and come to these higher realms of recognition, you will break through what feels like cement blocks – layers of yourself that have held you down’. I  certainly felt like I’d been doing this!

However by my mid-30’s I experienced a quantum leap in ‘realizing’ the possibility that I may indeed be on a mission from a different star system, when I received a message from ‘my star family’.

This is the story:  ten years ago, one summer night, I had invited a friend to my house so that we could do an ‘inner journey’ using the labyrinth shape, said to take you to the centre of yourself.  I had not expected anything much to happen.  Well my friend and I never got round to doing the labyrinth exercise, but I was, nevertheless, taken to the very core of myself!

We were chatting on my sofa, and I was saying: ‘I bet there are loads of spirits out there that have supported me in my life, who never get a word of thanks.’  I certainly wasn’t thinking about extra-terrestrials at the time!  My friend responded, by going into a spontaneous channeling:  she said ‘I have your star family here’.  They are saying not to worry about thanking them, for you are down there doing all the hard work!  They are fine’. My friend described them as ‘tall light beings, like the Pleiadians, but not’.  She said: ‘they are saying, you are one with them, and that to contact them, I should imagine myself at the centre of a wheel’.  They said that ‘I am on a mission here, that I have climbed a mountain in my life (which felt true) and that I only had another small mountain to climb, but that most of the work was done’, adding that: ‘even though you think you haven’t, you have brought light to humanity’.  They added that I have been working on an ‘archetypal level’.

This ‘message’ spoke to me at the very deepest part of myself and my life.  I felt acknowledged and that finally there was a meaning behind my seemingly insignificant struggles and efforts at self-transformation.

Even in the last few days, I was asking the universe what that message 10 years ago had meant when they said about me ‘working on an archetypal level’.  Within a few days, I opened the Bringers of the Dawn book randomly and read the following:  ‘you came onto the planet purposely to insert yourselves as members of the Family of Light in situations that are archetypal.  As we have said, you are doing this so you can understand the masses and transmute energy for them by being able to transmute it in yourself.  Once you make a healing or joining, you take it on and heal not only yourselves, you heal the species and mass psyche…as you have journeyed upon this planet, part of what you have come to heal is male dominion over female’.  That made sense of all the painful journey I’ve had around men, and the healing that a male friend and I had done together, for it seemed somehow archetypal.

According to the ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ the way that the family of light are anchoring a new frequency on this planet is to transform all their limitations, transcend their individual issues, live their dreams, manifesting their reality as they go.  This describes my journey and I am fairly sure also millions of people across the planet.  The ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ describes it as the ‘freedom frequency’.  They suggest that 300,000 years ago this planet was raided by creator Gods that interfered with our DNA and have kept us in a narrow band of consciousness, having taken away access to our multi-dimensional awareness.

Today, as I re-read this book in my 40’s I can deeply relate to its message and the ‘freedom frequency’, or ‘divine blueprint’ as the book also describes it.  For finally, this has become the predominant force in my life.  In the last 5 years, I have experienced an increasing sense of ‘liberation’, internally and externally.  That doesn’t mean I don’t work hard or have challenges, but they are flowing toward greater freedom and purpose.  The most profound change that I have noticed is that my needs and intentions seem to be met almost all the time by a ‘magical’ flow.  The book describes it thus:  ‘Life will become quite effortless because you will become a vehicle of light and you will be moved just by your intention to committ’.   Not only am I living this ‘freedom frequency’, but I am meeting many people who are fully stepping into an equivalent full experience of this frequency.  I met a shaman who said she is meeting more and more people who are ‘moving out of karma and into dharma’.  I met a guy a few months before I started to experience this deeper flow:  he said he feels liberated and that he just intends things, and his dreams take place effortlessly, and that it all seems to happen through connection with people’.  At the time I was in awe of this degree of freedom and before long I stepped into it myself.  All those years ago as I struggled through layers of blocks and ‘prisons’ I could never have dreamt this beautiful ‘reality’ possible!  And as millions of people step into the new frequency, the old dark forces will increasingly, I believe, hold no more sway.  As one thing I have noticed when this energy is flowing, is that the ‘system’ and the negative people within a system, just miss you as you swoop out of their clutches :-).  The less we watch the mainstream media, and the more we step into our power of positive action, the more we become the change we want to see.  I hope and believe that we can do this en masse, as we collectively become empowered and awaken, we can create the world we want, not the destruction, death, and control that the old gods want for this world….and love and cooperation will be the mark of our relationships in the new world.  And yet the book reminds us that ultimately, although  we are what they call the white T-shirts, ultimately the dark T-shirts are also us, because all comes from ‘Prime Creator,’ so that there is no need to cling onto the good/evil story, as we soar in the higher dimensions!

The other day I was watching a youtube video about starseeds, which appears to be same concept as the Family of Light.  It talked about starseeds holding a divine blueprint.  As this DNA blueprint is activated divine abundance on every level flows from this.  This is the experience that I have stepped into in the last 2 years, to the degree that, I trust the flow and support from the universe, despite losing my job twice, I stayed calm and peaceful and the flow kept me afloat and living life joyously moving me into even more joy, abundance and freedom than I had with that job!  This Starseed Youtube clip also talks about 11:11 being the numerical code which activates this blueprint.  I and so many other people on this journey report seeing the 11:11 frequently.  For me, it has only been in the last two years or so, that I’ve noticed the 11:11, what about you?  For example At 11:11 21st December 2012 our planet aligned with the heart of the galaxy; a time prophesied for eons as the emergence of the age of light, and the greatest time of transformation for this planet.  At that time, I watched the sunrise to honour the moment, and my cousin happened to text me, having no idea of the significance of the moment, and I looked at my phone to see the 11:11 just as we entered this great prophesied gateway.  Its here, the time is now, and we can create the world we want as the divine, cosmic energy pours in…all things can be transmuted.


About spiritandshadow

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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