Acceleration into the 5th Dimension


A New Dawn

Midnight, June 21st 2014, in Lewes, Great Britain, I was giving someone a lift home from an alternative dance night.  He said he had recently been feeling like he was ‘free from karma’, and ‘liberated’ as everything in his life seemed to be working out in a higher dimensional flow, just from intention, adding that, the flow seemed to happen from ‘connection with positive people’.  He was even free from earning money ‘the hard way’.  His words seemed to tally with the words of a female shaman I met, who said that she was meeting increasing numbers of people who were: ‘out of karma and had moved into dharma’, and I began to suspect that an acceleration was taking place. I had experienced a lot of higher dimensional stuff but not to the degree I was beginning to hear about, and I could only dream what it might be like…

When shortly after hearing about this new energy, I myself began to experience a more powerful flow of these phenomena: periods of almost perfect support from the ‘universe’, God, or the unified field, such that practically my every need and thought was met from ‘reality’, sometimes instantaneously. I recall, 2 years ago, travelling from Goa to Varanasi, India, listening to a song on my IPOD about a woman with painted nails.  As I listened, I was imagining my own nails were painted, and wishing they were, as I was on my way to meet a romantic partner in Varanasi.  Within minutes an Indian family who had just boarded the train, randomly decided to dress me up in their hats, jewellery and one lady decided to paint my nails!  

 For 25 years I, like millions of others, have experienced strange coincidences known as synchronicities, and thought manifestation, but I always wondered where it was leading, because, for over twenty years, this interaction with the ‘unified field of reality’ or ‘the universe’ had been harder work, less flowing. The ‘solid’ 3d, external world, with its drudgery and hard edges was still predominant, and the ‘magic’ was sporadic.  At last the synchronicities seemed to be more significant, more frequent and to be leading somewhere in my life.  I noticed that one of the ‘properties’ of this stronger higher dimensional flow was that it seemed to be just ahead of the grey 3D world and its repressive matrix, triumphing over it, with perfect timing.

For example, after a period of unemployment in my life, on the very day that the job centre was about to get really oppressive in their methods as a result of government strong-arm tactics, I managed to get work, and so walked in to the job centre, empowered, with the control system failing to have its day.

Similarly, I was sacked from my job, and escorted from the building by two managers, but instead of feeling defeated and getting angry and upset, I just smiled and thanked them, walking out feeling liberated, if a little shocked, with not a backward thought, as I had already decided that, if I got the sack, I would travel to India!  Within a week, I had got 2 part time jobs, moved into my car, and my friend moved into my flat, and within 2 months I was in India.  It was, in fact, one of my most liberating moments.

On my return from India, I wanted to earn the money to travel again, and I asked the universe for work which would enable me to save money.  The very next morning, the first job I saw was perfect and within 3 hours I had secured a position.  Not only did it mean that I had the money in the nick of time to pay my rent, but an hour after getting the job, when my father rang to verbally dress me down for being jobless and my life and finances being a mess etc. I stopped him dead in his tracks, telling him I already had a job and was starting that day!  Again it felt like I was just ahead of the game; riding triumphant over the oppressive 3D, soul-crushing energies.  

George Kavassiles, describes these oppressive energies as the ‘mind matrix’ and the process of our individual liberations thus: ‘once you surrender to the higher self, it absorbs the ego, and when you allow it to integrate with the greater you – it emanates out from the heart center and to mind, rather than mind being influenced by the mind matrix, and we start flowing in our own river of life.  Then your river of life is in synch with the organic river of life and you end up living and moving through the matrix and living your life in such a flowing and synchronised way, its incredible.’  

And whilst I still think I have a lot to learn about the potentials of higher dimensional living, I now move into extended periods where I live by intention, and the universe appears to take care of much of the arrangements!

For example, September 2014, at 5am, waiting at a bus stop in India, when I faced a long, uncomfortable and dangerous bus journey on a rickety local bus in India, a group of Indians took me under their wing at the bus stop and offered me a ride in their jeep….a safer, more comfortable 15 hour journey.  Later during this trip, when hiking alone through the Himalayan foothills, I got into trouble, and a jeep appeared out of nowhere, the driver insisting on taking me where I wanted to go, and, in fact, took me back to the main town just in time for me to bump into my Indian friends and catch a ride in their jeep back to civilization.  They were just as surprised to see me as they had, that very moment, been talking about me, wondering how I was doing!  Just like the man I met had said, when I first got wind of this acceleration; the magic of synchronicity happens through positive people. I agree, and there is also the clear sense of a higher force running through these experiences like a beneficent wind or an invisible, loving hand. And that force is definitely stronger in recent years! 

Instead of the energies of my life feeling like ‘moving through layers of concrete’, I now feel supported by the universe to live my dreams.  From my experience, 2012 does indeed herald a new energy for humanity.  I understand now what the shaman meant by people moving into a new phase, as the old world of karma or past burdens is passing away, perhaps a new dispensation for humanity is afoot.  

John Michel, a British author, suggests that sacred numbers and symbols appearing in the crop circles herald the holy grail’s return to earth; symbol of God’s divine grace and divine order.  Similarly, but from a different angle, a scientist, Jim Lyons, thinks that our solar system, which is now aligned with the galactic centre since 2012, means that the structure of the energy field we are in has changed.  We are now in a new photon belt.  He believes that around 2012 we met the most chaotic point in our weather systems, and in ourselves but that, as we passed that point, we have tipped over into order where things now cohere rapidly within us and on the planet.  New age teacher, George Kassivilies could be speaking a similar truth but from a different language when he describes the earth ascending into a body of light as we move from the 3rd to the 5th dimension.

Where once I was bemused by the new age term ‘ascension’, wondering where people would ascend to, I am beginning to understand that, instead of ascending to a ‘place’, as the word implies, we stay here on earth, but learn to function in the higher dimensions. This would explain why this link between the inner world and the outer world is coursing now through human experience….as it is a 5th dimensional world we are learning to navigate.

The book ‘Bringers of the Dawn’ by Barbara Marciniak, channelled by the Pleiadian star beings, suggests a big secret that humanity is waking up to at this time:  ‘the big secret that has been kept from the human species, is that thought creates experience, and thought creates reality.  It goes on to describe how: ‘all reality is created by thought.  It is all a subjective experience.  But electromagnetically, you are being controlled in such a way as to create experiences within a certain spectrum of reality’. But the book suggests that we are in the process of liberating ourselves from these limitations, born of the matrix, and its controllers, and like a caterpillar into a butterfly we are moving into a whole new world, limited only by our own imaginations.


About spiritandshadow

I have had a lot of spiritual experiences over the years and am interested in the transformation of humanity's consciousness in this amazing new age. I have also become interested in the shadow manipulators that it seems are carrying out a vast deception, control and domination of humanity. I first became aware of this dark shadow around 9/11, and have read quite a lot of David Icke's work and similar information. I am also interested in the individual shadow and integrating that, using the tool of astrology.
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