Crop Circle Article

Crop Circle Article – Fiona Philips

Something amazing is happening in England….thousands of images of incredible beauty and perfection are appearing in the fields.  For some people, the crop circles are so otherworldly, and precise it seems impossible that they could have been made by people.  For others, it is clear that it is one big elaborate hoax.  So where does the truth lie and if indeed it is more than a hoax, shouldn’t we ask ourselves the questions – whom or what is creating them, what do they mean, and also why now?

The majority of people’s knowledge of the subject seems limited to a handful of images circulated by the media which elicit comments about two old men, a plank of wood and some string, and that is where the subject ends in people’s minds.

Do the crop circles, however, deserve deeper consideration by people, the media and the scientific community?  Crop circles, now numbering in their thousands, have appeared in over 20 countries; the majority of the circles, however, occur in England amid the golden fields of Wiltshire.  They are persistent and evolving continually in complexity and beauty.  They began in the 1970’s with simple circles, then developed into basic glyphs and since the 1980’s have become increasingly complex.  Over the last two decades the crop glyphs have portrayed 3D and 4D images, maths, science, astronomy, perennial wisdom symbols, images of DNA, and sacred geometry that speak of the unity of all life.  They involve ley lines, stone circles and other ancient sites, light and sound phenomena, as well as reported changes to the crop and the magnetic field. Many portray symbols of the ancient Mayans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Celts.  They suggest their makers’ knowledge of time-travel by portraying double wormhole crop circles as well as expressing patterns such as fractals, complex mathematical formulas, which sometimes edge us forward into greater knowledge.   They are thematic and may explore a subject like a cube in ever increasing inventiveness over the course of a summer.  And these images occur, often at night, with incredible precision in the strangest of mediums – wheat, barley and oil seed rape;   the nature of the patterns only discernible when viewed from the air.  With such remarkable goings on in our fields – why are the circles being ignored by the mainstream media and the majority of people?

It is a testament to the power of the media that the ‘Doug and Dave’ story in Britain’s ‘Today’ newspaper of 1991 had such a powerful influence on people’s minds, but could there be something in us that switched off too readily?  The story received huge coverage worldwide, and people seemed to have breathed a collective sigh of relief;   there was no crop circle mystery – it was just two old guys with a plank and a bit of string.  The excitement that they first elicited seemed to die very quickly.  But crop circles continue in prolific numbers even though one of the men is now dead and the other in his nineties.  And yet people still laugh when confronted with crop circles, look away quickly or show a genuine astonishment that anyone could believe in such things.  As Michael Glickman suggests in ‘Crop Circles – The Bones of God’:   ‘there are two phenomena; the first is the crop circles and the second is simply humanity’s ability to look the other way’.  He admits to finding the second phenomenon increasingly intriguing and wonders why, if we really believe it’s all a hoax, have not the media, the art world, and academia commented on the remarkable abilities of the hoaxers.  Could the second phenomena, he suggests, teach us more about ourselves than even the first?

It seems that people only see the circles through a filter of their world-view or beliefs.  But the world-view is changing, even though the mainstream media appear to be doing their bit to keep us  boxed in to the old world.  As Andy Thomas, a prominent crop circle researcher and author of ‘The Truth Agenda’ argues, the mainstream media represent ‘alternative’ information as ‘not the way things are’, even though people experience alternative subjects all the time  – in polls for example, he cites that more people than not use alternative medicine and more people than not believe in astrology.

As Andy suggests in his book ‘Vital Signs’, the real evidence for hoaxing is low despite the claims, and that ‘evidence for something grander and more mysterious is mounting and it’s time to say so’.

Sacred Geometry

One of the many revelations that crop circles can show us is the knowledge of sacred geometry which speaks profoundly of the unity of life.  There are so many pentagrams within crop circle patterns that one cannot help but be reminded that the pentagram contains a ratio in its 5 triangles known as the golden mean.  This ratio exists in living organisms and in the ratios of the human being.  It is a fundamental principle of all life, and was embodied by the Renaissance masters in their art, music and architecture.

Michael Glickman informs us of an enchanting term for geometry: ‘the Bones of God’.  For geometry reveals the same framework of the divine behind everything.

A Closer look at Some Crop Circles

Crooked Soley Crop Circle – 2002

One of the most astonishing studies of an individual crop circle is found in John Michell and Alan Brown’s book ‘Crooked Soley – a Crop Circle Revelation’.  It truly is a revelation and well deserves a read.  He discovered that the numbers encoded in this crop circle correspond to the two numbers that he had been studying all his life.

As the authors explain, these two numbers are the foundation of temples in every part of the ancient world.  ‘They accommodate all systems of geometry, number and measure;   expressed in them are the canons of sacred music, chronology and the harmonies of planetary motion’.  They are sacred numbers and John Michell reveals that they are encoded in the foundation stones of Glastonbury Church and in Stonehenge.  These numbers are extremely profound when you realize that they are also obtained by a magical thing that happens when you put the moon and the earth together touching and then draw a pattern called ‘squaring the circle’.  The figures work out miraculously so that the circumference/perimeter of the circle and square you have drawn around the moon and earth equal each other.  This is the marriage of matter and spirit, earth and heaven, the circle and the square.  What is more, the figures also combine to equal (2 times) 1x2x3x4x5x6x7x8x9x10x11.  It seems to be like reading ‘Alice through the Looking Glass’ when you get into these numbers that are behind everything – ‘curiouser and curiouser’.

John Michell suggests that these numbers are forgotten when society is overwhelmed with chaos and, like the Holy Grail, return during times of divine order.  The squaring of the circle has occurred, according to researcher Bert Janssen, over 50 times in the crop circles to date – the signs of change are here it would seem.

The crop circle in question also portrays a beautiful mitochondrial DNA chain, which is the form of DNA that is passed down purely through the matriarchal line.  Astonishingly when the authors applied the ancient initiate’s art of gematria to the numbers in the crop circle (i.e. corresponding the numbers with the Greek alphabet to produce words), this female DNA spiral crop circle spelled out a dedication to….’ the Goddess of All Creation’!

Pi – Barbury Castle 2008

A crop circle decoded by Michael Glickman (and others) revealed itself to be a visual representation of the transcendental number Pi to six decimal places ie 3.141592. It was a perfect spiral crop circle divided like pieces of a pie!  It even had a perfect ellipsis which are 3 dots indicating an irrational or infinite number!  Where lies the meaning in this?  Michael Glickman suggests that the number PI represents the symbolic key to the marriage of earth and heaven, matter and spirit. A similar message, it seems, to that of ‘squaring of the circle’.

Mandelbrot Set 1991

One example of the numerous fractals that have appeared in crop circles is ‘the Mandelbrot Set’: a fractal showing where chaos meets order.   Jim Lyons, a crop circle researcher of 20 years standing and a former lecturer in engineering science and research explained that the Mandelbrot set crop circle was not just a fractal but indicates ‘a bridge between fractal geometry and sacred geometry in the form of music (the diatonic scale)’.  Jim felt that the crop circle might be reminding us where we are at and where we are going – we are reaching a point of chaos but that order will return as this fractal describes.  Freddy Silva in his marvelous book ‘Secrets in the Fields’ says that the Mandelbrot Set’s Cartoid shape can be overlaid on some stone circles, such as Castlerigg and the pattern may provide the link between crop circles and megalithic structures.

Earth Energies and Crop Circles

The ancient stone circles and other structures always lie on the powerful earth energy lines of the planet and the crop circles seem to be working with or perhaps on these energies.  Jim Lyons said he had found that some indigenous people can still feel these energies even though we have lost our sensitivity.  As well as being a scientist Jim is also a dowser and has been engaged in dowsing research on crop circles for many years.  He states that genuine crop circles align to the energy lines of the earth, and there is much research to support this.  Jim explains that the earth energy lines have the same chakra points and meridian points as the human body – if this is the case, then that the crop circles have a significant interest in the chakra point represented by Avebury and Silbury Hill – as they have the highest incidence of crop circles on the planet.  Indeed Jim Lyons says that the ancients knew how to work with the energy of the earth and that is why their sites always correspond to the places of power.  Jim describes Stonehenge is an ‘earth energy machine’, and the pyramids have been described similarly.

More Sacred Symbols

Wisdom symbols from almost every world tradition are appearing in the crops; in particular, researcher Jay Goldner has found over 50 pyramid images in the crop circles.  He believes that the pyramid is the masculine counterpart to the symbol of the flower of life.

The flower of life has appeared innumerable times in many guises in the circles.  It was the pattern in the first crop circle that I walked in, and I had a whole series of synchronicities around the flower of life.   It was taught in the ancient mystery schools of Egypt and contains the tree of life and is said to constitute the keys to all knowledge, as well as the 13 systems of information governing the geometric aspects underlying our reality.   The flower of life is imprinted into the temple of Osiris in Egypt using a technology we don’t have today and is found in spherical form at the entrance to the Forbidden City beneath beneath the paws of the lion.

How Are They Made?

Nobody knows how these amazing circles are made but peer-reviewed scientific testing of the crop by Levengood and studies by Michael Chorost have reached similar conclusions; that the circle phenomenon has proved to have radiation anomalies, whereby the plants are heated rapidly and briefly with a pulse of an unknown energy, so much so that the internal water of the plant often bursts out.  The process also leaves radioactive traces in the soil.  The growth and seed is also affected.  On occasion, people experience headaches and nausea at times after going in the circles which may be to do with the radiation – as well as healing and a sense of well-being at other times.

Freddy Silva in his book ‘Secrets in the Fields’ suggests that the ‘unknown energy’ may not be microwave in nature as others suggest because the length of time that residue remains is too long for microwaves and also microwaves are capable of leaving plants and soil sterile which is a ‘rare exception with crop circles’.  He suggests instead another type of electromagnetic energy;  ‘Plasma a super-heated ionized gas is capable of laying itself in concentric shapes with alternating layers of positive and negative charge, that seem consistent with the lay of crops – but this energy source is able to be directed intelligently’  He adds: ‘how else do we explain a phenomenon that selectively avoids houses towns gardens and parks, that produces hundreds of geometrically and philosophically significant shapes of great complexity, that interacts with and even reads the minds of its human observers?’

In ‘Secrets in the Fields’ Freddy Silva also lists convincing eye-witness accounts about the presence of tubes of light being connected with the creation of crop circles: one example is the experience of Mary Freeman who ‘noticed that a cloud under Silbury Hill had a golden white glow and was brighter than the moon.  Suddenly a tubular beam, as wide as a football field, plunged out of the cloud towards the ground in the vicinity of Silbury.  Freeman changed her direction of travel and raced towards the beam which remained in place for some 3 minutes.  She remembered the incident clearly because all the objects in her car suddenly levitated around her as if the vehicle had been caught up in an energy field.  Within 36 hours the first of 5 Celtic cross crops circles were discovered in the area’.  How exciting to hear such accounts and the glimpse they give us into the phenomenon.

Research by Steve Page and Glenn Broughton reveals that the majority of crop circles occur above underground water.  Indeed Salisbury plain, where the majority of the crop circles occur, is a huge chalk aquifer.  Interestingly Jim Lyons suggests that the way the crop circles are made is through an imprint of information in a quantum form in the water below the field, for which the trigger mechanism is electrical energy in the ionosphere.  Mists have been reported above forming crop circles which support this possibility.

That there is an energy connected with these crop circles is undeniable.  Jim Lyons reported for example that this year’s crop circle at Vernham Dean has resulted in some people reporting healing of arthritis – at this time, he reported, it is not known if this will be a permanent improvement.

Personal Synchronicity and the Crop Circles

It is remarkable how many personal synchronicities are linked with the crop circles.  Some people seem to be almost lured in by the crop circles – sometimes they go on to become decoders of the circles.  Horace Drew, a scientist based in Australia, said he had previously ‘disbelieved in crop circles’ but he was visiting England to go to a conference on the DNA strand that he was researching when a crop circle appeared near the conference hall.  He was astonished to find that it portrayed the part of the DNA strand he was involved with!  He subsequently became an avid decoder of crop circles.

Bert Janssen reminds us that we may well connect with something personal in the crop circles, sometimes its the first one we go in.  He is a mathematician and was drawn in by the squaring of the circle and was subsequently led into a whole journey of personal synchronicities. Whilst John Michell, the great author of the antiquities was astounded when Allan Brown, a student of his work, traced the sacred numbers and geometries in the Crooked Soley crop circle that John had been studying and writing about all his life.

There are also frequent stories of people getting together in groups to call for a particular shape in the fields – and being successful!  So as many commentators have observed, the crop circles do seem to interact with our thoughts.  So who makes them and why?

Who Makes Them and Why?

There are a huge range of responses to the crop circles – from the skeptics who think they are all done by hoaxers, to those that think the military is involved but maybe we can pull out some common factors:

Andy Thomas, a prominent crop circle researcher and co-organizer of the annual Glastonbury Symposium about crop circles and other signs of our times, suggests that the final answer lies somewhere between natural energies, psychic interaction and intelligent manipulation.  He emphasizes the importance of remaining open minded to the phenomenon.  Indeed Ann Strieber, suggests that keeping a question open that is difficult to answer, like the crop circle question, has shown to actually increase intelligence, by making the brain more powerful!

Dr Horace Drew, a top scientist from Australia, has decoded many crop circles using his mathematical skill including several ancient calendars that appeared in crop glyphs.  He has even decoded a crop circle near Avebury that, he said, explained how Avebury should work.  Horace has been following a series of crop circles that suggest to him that the great Mayan teacher ‘Quetzalcoatl’ is leaving his mark in the fields.   It is as if the ancients are communicating.  There are so many apparent references to the ancients that it is hard not to wonder if they are not somehow here.  Indeed several crop circles suggest knowledge of time-travel technology.

Jim Lyons, researcher and scientist, suggests that: ‘we and the cosmos are immersed in an intelligent quantum computer, with which we can interact’.  Jim sees crop circles as emanating from this intelligent unified field, and he said that the crop circles, however amazing, are still minor next to the creations all around us: the cell in a human body, or a galaxy; all created and held by the same  unified field in which we sit and increasingly interact.

Ross Holcomb, a metaphysical researcher and former military officer has spent years collating information from channeled sources about the circles.  From this he hypothesizes that the crop glyphs are carried out by many beings  including the earth herself, inner earth beings, our ancestors and the galactic family of light, and that the primary purpose of the circles is to assist and raise the vibration of the earth in preparation for a dimensional shift.  He suggests the reason England is the key area for the planet is because it is like the ear in acupuncture – it corresponds to every part of the earth body, just as the ear is worked upon to effect change in corresponding areas of the human body, so the crop circles are performing acupuncture and affecting target areas on the planet.

In his book ‘Crop Circles – The Bones of God’ Michael Glickman states that for him it is a given that we are not alone in the universe and that some agent from another civilisation is responsible for the crop circles.   He suggests it is reasonable to assume that whoever the crop-circle makers are, they have technology in advance of our own, and that they have evolved beyond our problems that now threaten our survival, and they could be here out of spiritual generosity.  Just look at the war images and then the crop circles, to compare the difference in our evolution. Significantly Michael sees the events in the field ‘not as an event, but a prelude’.  The building of the complexity of the phenomenon would support this.  We have much to look forward to it would seem!

Jim Lyons suggests the crop circles can tell us where we are going.  The Mandelbrot Set crop circle, is  the pattern when chaos meets order and might explain what is happening with regards to the planet.  Jim thinks that as our solar system aligns with the galactic centre in 2012 we will meet the most chaotic point in our weather systems, and in ourselves but that, as we pass that point we will tip over into order and things will cohere rapidly at this point in us and on the planet because the structure of the energy field we are in will be changed.  That is the pattern of chaos and order and sounds like good news!  It also seems to connect with John Michell’s suggestion that the sacred numbers of the ancients that are returning to us in the fields are pointing to the return of order out of chaos and divine rule.

To conclude, if they are not hoaxes, which in the many cases evidence supports this view, then crop circles have to be one of the most amazing things happening on this planet at the moment.  They are a huge sign that a profound change is occurring.  We have all perhaps had experience of the higher dimensions when we, for example, manifest our thoughts or have synchronicities, or telepathy, to name but a few, indeed there seems to be a huge proliferation of these experiences – but they are personal experiences that are invisible to others.  The crop circles seem to be a collective higher dimensional experience – one which is tangible and we can see and share – it is hard to deny something is going on or to continue to think it’s just happening on a small scale.  John Michell says that studying the sacred numbers that are appearing in the circles help prepare our minds for the Greater Mysteries.  So by contemplating the circles, by walking in them, among the beautiful fields, perhaps we are joining the quest to make our world new again, for if we are to believe the signs in our fields, heaven and earth and spirit and matter are coming together. Maybe we just need to see that we are the co-creators!


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