The power of Colloidal silver

Using colloidal silver in India has reminded me of how brilliant it is.  The HIV ‘possible-cure’ that I wrote about in previous blogs is a form of Colloidal silver – both are oxygen/silver:

My understanding is that it is the best treatment for pathogen-related illnesses.  I have been using the colloidal silver on open skin wounds on some Indian friends.  Both of them reported almost immediate relief from the pain and and an immediate healing process of their infected wounds.  I have also been using it on injured animals.

I have read about the colloidal silver that the mainstream do not use it as they still want to continue prescribing anti-biotics for pathogen related disease even though it may not be the most effective treatment.


Colloidal silver is easily purchased online or some good health shops.

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The Healing Power of Pranayama and Yoga

I have recently been spending time with a Sadhu (India Holy man) in the Indian Himalayas, learning his yogic practices, and it has reminded me of the healing power of pranayama (the breathwork aspect of yoga).  He says quite passionately that all disease can be healed using pranayama.


The sadhus teaching on this reminded me of when I first learnt about the power of pranayama:  about 10 years ago in Farnham in the UK, I walked into a clothes shop owned by an Indian couple.  We struck up a conversation and they enthusiastically shared with me the fact that, only a few years ago, the Indian lady had suffered from severe diabetes and various other illnesses.  She was so ill that she was on 30 pills a day.  She then learnt from an Indian guru about 3 breaths (pranayama).  This guru also said to take away one third of what you eat and replace it with salad and fruit.   She said that she practiced those 3 breaths ‘religiously’ for about 1 hour a day and also took a third of all her food away and replaced it with salad and fruit and now she no longer has diabetes and is on no pills as she is free from all disease now.

There in the shop that day, the Indian couple showed me the three breaths.  I practiced them myself for some time after that and now I am returning to pranayama again here in India.  There are various pranayama breaths but the 3 breaths that the Indian couple practiced are as follows:

Sit cross legged on the floor, back-straight, or sat in a chair with your back straight:

1.  Hold your right nostril with your thumb and breath in a full breath, then close both nostrils, then release your right nostril, keeping you forefinger over your left nostril, and breath out of your right nostril.  Breath in the same nostril (the right) – full breath.  Then close both nostrils.  Exhale through your left nostril, then breath in.  And continue.

2.  Not holding either nostril, breath in and out through your nose – full, deep breaths.  Keep breathing full breaths – all the air you can take, at a slow deep rhythm.

3.  Bellows breath:  exhale in a short staccato rhythm, using your stomach jerked inwards to push the air out, breathing through your nose.  Your stomach will automatically suck air back in as it pushes back out to its normal position.  This pushes the air out of the bottom of your lungs and diaphragm.

The Indian lady said to practice each one for 10 minutes a day for mental and physical well-being and prevention of disease, but if you are ill, to do 1 hour a day.

Whilst I have been travelling in India, I also met a gutsy American lady called Naomi.  She had just finished a yoga teachers training course in India.  She said that when she began it, she was really overweight, and had fibromyalgia so badly that she walked with a stick.  She said that she is now practically free of fibromyalgia – just 3 months down the line, and has lost several stone in weight.  Her healing has been so dramatic that she plans on returning to her home in Florida to set up a ‘not-for-profit’ yoga school, to bring low-cost yoga classes to people in Florida with fibromyalgia and depression, as, she says there are so many women in Florida that are very depressed, and she knows that regular yoga classes could transform them into happy, healthy people.

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100% Raw Food Challenge – January 2014

For anyone who hasn’t heard of raw food…it is a way of eating that involves consuming raw fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds – but don’t let that put you off, should you feel inspired to try it, as the raw dishes are surprisingly good.  Almost all dishes you can think of can be mimicked by a raw version, which often outdoes the cooked version in taste and texture, not to mention the amazing feel-good results of raw food, the weight-loss, beautifying and health benefits.

I have been dabbling with raw food for about 17 years.  In the last 2 or 3 years I stepped it up and ate mainly raw, but at weekends I was having a couple of cooked meals.  I lost 3.5 stone naturally with this change in my way of eating, as weight just falls off. Recently my cooked food consumption escalated to over-eating cooked food and having rich puddings and a lot of dairy every weekend then returning to raw food during the week.  

This January after a week of eating cooked food at Christmas I decided to try a challenge – to consume 100% raw food throughout January 2014.  I had heard that the best results come when you eat 100% raw and I wanted to try it for myself.  I also read another blogger who said she decided to try 100% raw one January and she discovered she could do this always.  I hoped this would happen to me…

It has been an enjoyable and incredibly rewarding experience.  In a nut-shell, if you pardon the pun, I feel great; the best ever, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. Also, for someone who has been very food orientated, perhaps even addicted most of my life, I have been pleasantly surprised to find that I have been enjoying the refined tastes of raw food more than I thought I would.  I have been using a brilliant website for trying new recipes which has kept it interesting and enjoyable. The website has hundreds of recipes; all tested and beautifully photographed, plus amazing photos and tales of Carmella, the web-host’s, travels around America in her camper van:

I got inspired to re-commit to raw eating about 3 years ago by listening to a talk by Kate Wood, the top Raw food pioneer in the UK. Her top tip for starting the raw journey is to add increasing amounts of raw food to your existing food, then as you become more nourished, your desire to eat cooked food falls away naturally.  I’ve noticed that the more the month has progressed the less pulled towards over-eating or cooked food I feel.  I can go easily without breakfast and I rarely feel hungry and the need to over-eat or obsess about food has almost disappeared.   This is such a change, as most of my life I would be thinking constantly about the next big meal, and would always stuff myself to the limit. My body feels very balanced, I need noticeably less sleep and life seems to flow much better. Perhaps this is why Kate Wood, Britain’s top raw pioneer, changed her name to Kate Magic, as life seems to work out magically fuelled by raw food. It is, however, a journey to make the transition to raw food, says Kate Magic.  She has been dabbling for 10 years… but she said that she now ‘feels amazing and has limitless energy’. How many of us can say that?

So many people, and I guess we’ve all been there, struggle through life, lurching from heavy meal to heavy meal, from coffee to coffee, feeling they are on a rat wheel: awakening feeling tired and heavy and dreading the day, barely finding the energy at the end of the day to fall stupefied into the pub or onto the couch, just to drift off into TV land.  Or is that just me :-)?

I have nearly completed the month eating 100% raw and I feel great.  I seem to enjoy everything; tackling chores, work and play. I wake up feeling bright and bushy-tailed and looking forward to the day.  I rarely feel the need to slump into a chair like I have always done when my energy dips.  My emotions in the main are like a calm sea; I am more intuitive, my thinking is clearer, I have a lot more physical energy.  I am much more productive, feeling focussed and present to whatever I am doing, less stressed and I have had the energy to tackle tasks that have lain dormant for years.

Some of the dishes I have been enjoying are Raw Tomato Herb Bread, which I made into open avocado sandwiches with olives and sun-dried tomatoes, slightly warmed in the oven.  I have been getting into raw soups, like Vietnamese sweet and sour soup, slightly warmed.  I made a raw apple pie, which my work colleague enjoyed so much she wanted more!

I was in a dilemma about what to do at the end of the month, when a friend of mine (who is a Libran) helped tip the balance :-)…she said you are getting so much out of the 100% raw, why don’t you just keep going!  So I have set myself the goal of another month of 100% raw, as I don’t want to stop feeling this good and enjoying life this much!

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HIV ‘cure’ – Update

I have been looking into Tetrasil/Immusil, a US patented ‘AIDS cure’, because a friend of mine has HIV so the issue became of personal concern.  It ought to be a concern to us all as it is reckoned that 40,000,000 are currently living with HIV world-wide and 100,000,000 people have died already.


It is not an issue of the 80’s as some people refer to it – it is prevalent and spreading.  I heard from a patient that an HIV nurse in Brighton, UK, said that HIV is spreading in the young people of Brighton.

To re-cap from my previous blog, there is some convincing evidence to suggest that HIV may have been produced in laboratory’s by the US Government (see my previous blog).  I have also been trying to find where to get hold of Tetrasil/Immusil.   I came across a website: which produces skin creams for all kinds of skin problems that is based on Tetrasil – a simple oxygen/silver compound.  When I contacted the company and asked to speak to Dr Antelman who is the creator of Tetrasil, I was met with understandable suspicion and they would not discuss the HIV ‘cure’ side of Tetrasil, or put me through to Dr Antelman.

I had been looking for another way of getting hold of Tetrasil on the web, but to no avail, until I received an email from someone on this blog who passed me details of a website in America from which you can buy Tetrasil Tetroxide in its liquid form.  It is very reasonably priced.  It has been hard to find, it seems, because the production of Tetrasil as a treatment for HIV has been bogged down in regulations and  expensive medical tests by the FDA.

The website is

(please note the  number 1 after the word tetrasilver!)

It is only being sold ‘for laboratory use’ on this website.  However I had a cryptic conversation with a gentleman from that website, who appeared to be giving me hints about its usage for HIV treatment. The upshot of it appeared to be that he indicated that it was ‘brilliant’, but we would have to ‘find out for ourselves’, and that he hasn’t heard of anyone being harmed by it.  I understand that Boyd E Graves, the black lawyer who said he received a one of injection of Immusil (same thing as Tetrasil I understand) and it cured him.

Another exciting result of looking into this subject has been that I have stumbled across a really good treatment for skin conditions. The website is – I recently suggested to a friend that she try it for her Eczema (there is a money back guarantee).   She has had a bleeding, weeping, hugely irritating patch of Eczema for two years that she said, nothing would touch; not Steroids or anything the doctors prescribed.  She ordered the eczema cream from this site and she says it is working magic – and in a just a couple of days it was loads better and after a week or so the skin patch is almost completely clear. She is going to tell her Eczema nurse about it.

Not only is this exciting for anyone suffering from the many skin conditions listed on the website including Psoriasis, acne etc but also as an indication of the healing power of Tetrasil and its possible potential as an HIV treatment.  According to some information I have read – it is ‘the’ treatment for pathogen related diseases, and we are being given antibiotics for pathogen related illnesses and they don’t work.

My friend decided not to try it for his HIV in the end, and I respect his decision.

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The Tall Whites – Alien Disclosure

The Tall Whites apparently are between 6 and 9 feet tall, with white hair and skin; they are thin with paper-thin skin and eyes similar to ours, yet larger.

The former Canadian Defence secretary has admitted at a Citizen’s Hearng on Disclosure in Washington in May 2013 in a public forum that aliens have been visiting this planet for thousands of years, and named four species including the Tall Whites.  He said that the US Government is in communication with the aliens.

Here are some of the highlights of his testimony:

– “At least four species” of alien have been visiting Earth for “thousands of years.” including the TALL WHITES.

– Some of the aliens hail from the “Zeta Reticuli, the Pleiades, Orion, Andromeda, and Altair star systems” and “may have different agendas.”

– Alien enthusiast Linda Moulton-Howe is correct that “there are live ETs on Earth at this present time, and at least two of them are working with the United States government.”

– Global warming is the primary threat to humanity and dealing with it is being held back by our “wars to control oil” and the “infinitely silly banking and financial system.”

– A shadowy “cabal” comprised of “the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderbergers, and The Trilateral Commission, the international banking cartel, the oil cartel, members of various intelligence organizations, and select members of the military junta” control world affairs and are scheming to create “one world government.”

– “Canada, too, is included in the grand plan” for one world government.

Two other notable links to the Tall Whites come through Charles Hall, a former weather watcher at Area 54/51 in the US, who claimed that Nellis base in the US has an area just for the aliens, and that he spent two years there in contact in close contact with the Tall Whites who are trading with the US Government.

Another interesting link was a Telegraph newspaper article about a policeman who spotted three tall blond aliens, examining a freshly made crop circle in Wiltshire in the UK.  The policeman said they were all over 6 foot and blond and could run faster than a human being.  These are all traits that Charles Hall has used when describing the tall whites.  This is the link for the article:

The plot thickens!

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Globalist Genocide Plan?

Below is a link to an amazingly erudite, and articulate Doctor and activist named Rima Laibow.  She is a strong voice in the face of the apparently intentionally malignant acts against humanity that seem to proliferate all around us…and to which more and more people are awakening.     I really recommend her talk if you have an hour and a half to spare:

If you don’t have time, then this is what she conveys in no uncertain terms about the Globalist elite and their plans for us.  She looks at food controls, the beginning of the pharmaceutical and agri-business and its cycle of death (quite an eye-opener) and how it all links into a plan of genocide against humanity.  It links also links into my recent reading about the possibility that HIV is man-made.

Rima attends some of the Codex Alimentarius meetings.  Codex Alimentarius is the global food organisation connected to the UN that is imposing controls on our food, alternative medicine and access to vitamins. Rima speaks up for natural food and natural therapies as Codex tries to restrict our access to clean, natural, life-sustaining food globally.

Rima reminds us that according to the US constitution slavery is illegal. Either, she says, you own your own body or you are a slave, so how come in America we must have vaccinations and are forced by law to vaccinate children and in some states to give them chemotherapy.    She said we are losing choice over our bodies and our food.  America is no the only country forced into vaccinations – some European countries introduced mandatory vaccinations – and our press (in the UK) tried it on for size using intimidating language about vaccinations.  Rima believes that Codex will destroy health and fertility by weaponising our food.  She says there is a clear and articulated genocidal agenda, and she is extremely persuasive and assured in her arguments.

Rima Laibow is a psychiatrist who has never prescribed any drugs, on principle, in 40 years of treating patients.  When she speaks I found hearing ‘the truth’ about pharmaceuticals helped peal further layers of unconsciousness from me, and what she said rang bells for like we have all been asleep.

Rima explains that the WHO (World Health Organisation), the Council of Foreign Relations, the UN and the US government share a vision of a sustainable planet.  It is a beautiful vision, she says, but that the reality of their population control agenda is not beautiful at all.  Rima Laibow has had first hand experience of the globalist’s thinking when a female head of state visited her office for treatment.  My first thought was that it might Hilary Clinton, but I might be wrong.  During one of her consultations this person said to Rima that ‘it was nearly time for the great culling’.  When Rimas asked what this meant, the woman said the great culling of the ‘useless eaters’.  To them, says Rima, the masses are known as the ‘useless eaters’.  The elite, says Rima, believe that we consume their non-renewable resources.  When questioned about the Bildeberger Group, this woman told Rima that the Bildeberger group was not the top of the tree, that a small circle of neo-aristocrats are at the top.

This vision reminds me of the Aquarian Utopian vision, as we enter the age of Aquarius, but without the balancing forces of the opposite sign – Leo.  Leo is about the individual, and amid these visions of the elite the importance of the individual seems not only to have been lost, but to have entered some horrible Orwellian shadow.

In her estimation the elite are psychopaths.  She said they are powerful but ‘crazy’ – and she reminds us she is a professional in this area! Rima goes on to explain that the myth of overpopulation was funded and created by John D Rockefeller Jnr,  in order, she says, to :  ‘make it OK to kill people’.

She explains that it was John D Rockefeller Junior that gave the idea of killing the weak to Nazi Germany.  The history of depopulation and the Rockefeller dynasty are, according to Rima,  ‘inextricably linked’.

She goes on to explain how the pharmaceutical industry began – again with John D Rockefeller at the turn of the century.  At that time he owned all the oil in the world.  He then carried out a biased study identifying allopathic medicine as being the dominant medicine and gave a million dollars to every state in America to set up a medical board, a medical school and extra funding to Harvard.  He also set up the Rockefeller institute.  Rima states that medical training is a brainwashing procedure designed to produce puffed-up pill pushers.  Medical students are stressed to the hilt, exhausted from lack of sleep where the last thing they are supposed to do is think or as my friend says, ask the right questions.

THE Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in a court battle recently stated that we have no legal right to know what is in our food.  In America there are laws forbidding the marking of Genetically Modified food.  The Americans are not allowed to know which food is genetically modified.  According to the ‘logic’ of the FDA is because they state that there is no difference to your health between organic and GM foods, and therefore NOT labeling foods prevents us from making ‘wrong choices’ about our food.

Rima says there is hope though because the elite are actually weak:  every time humanity mobilizes their outrage, the globalists step back, she says.  For example on September 15th 09 the Secretary  of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius sat before the US Senate.  According to the WHO and UN Charters and Treaties, when a level 6 pandemic is declared, the governance of the planet devolves to the WHO.  Rima says:  ‘we are talking one-world government’.  She continues that a level-6 pandemic was declared in June 09, whereupon Kathleen Sibelius said to the US congress ‘we are going to vaccinate all US citizens’ (i.e. forced vaccinations). However we don’t have enough vaccine so we will extend the vaccine with Squalene.  Rima explains that Squalene is part of the human nervous system that makes the transfer of electrical impulses possible.  However, according to Rima, when it is injected into your blood it causes’ profound, pervasive and irreversible auto-immune disease’.  It has been linked to the Gulf War Syndrome and the horrific auto-immune diseased contracted by so many Gulf War Veterans as Squalene was added unapproved and experimentally into the Anthrax vaccine soldiers were forced to take.  I met an entire unit of medics who had all been medically retired except for one, due to Gulf War Syndrom.  Rima explains that if you inject enough of it, it causes infertility.  There are 90,000 vaccine sites to do this within the US.  The amount that they planned was enough to cause irreversible sterility.  At Rima’s Natural Solutions Foundation, they told the people about it via the internet , and 3.5 million emails reached the Whitehouse and Kathleen Sibelius.  Rima said, we were saying to them;  ‘Don’t you dare’.  They stepped back, and did not proceed with their plans.

Rima states that ‘war has been declared upon the human population’ and that domination and depopulation are the goals.

The Globalists, say Rima, have decided the population on the planet must be reduced from 6 billion to 500 million.  Codex and the FDA, says Rima, are doing everything they can to chemicalize food and reduce our access to vitamins, alternative medicine, whilst altering and damaging our genes with GM foods.  Rima states that GM food what she called Genetically Modified Phude because its not food, is horrifyingly dangerous.  It does not sustain life, and damage from food, drugs and radiation is damaging our genome – which is the sum total of our human history present and future. – its what is passed forward to offspring.  Plenty of research, suggests that GM introduces foreign genes into the bacteria of our gut and into our cells and the cells of fetuses causing infertility, fetal malformations, cancer and auto-immune diseases.  Rima Laibow goes on to give the example of Glyphosate – the most widely used herbicide in the world is also the 2nd most toxic non-radioactive substance on the planet.

Scarily she explains how the pharmaceutical industry manufacture drugs and they also produce the agro-chemicals, that go into our food and they are also the biotech companies making GM seeds and treating animals that we then consume.  Hence the cycle of death is thus:  they make us sick with the chemicalized and denatured GM food and then we are driven into the arms of the pharmaceutical cartel – the same people.  She asks:  ‘are they innocent of this knowledge? Not at all’ she states.  Adding that the company IG Farben who were the scientists that tortured people death and built Auschwitz, spent only four years in prison following the second war.  They then regrouped and wrote to the UN saying that the UN should control the world food supply, and out of that Codex Alimentarius was created.  She said that the dominant dog in Codex is the US.  Rima says she has in her possession and it is on the internet, a WHO document that proves that the purpose of the Smallpox vaccine was to render women infertile.     Rima states that your chances of getting Alzheimers increases by 600% if you take flu vaccines.

With dark and pointed humour, she calls the FDA the ‘Food and Death Administration’, and states that 50% of drugs approved by the FDA are withdrawn quietly within 5 years because they kill too many people – ‘even for the FDA’.  She states that Big Pharma operates a revolving door policy i.e. you sit in congress, then you go back to the company, then you go back to congress, in that way an increasing merger is carried out.  Mussolini of course called ‘fascism’ the marriage between state and corporations.

Rima informs us that the Pharmaceutical/Agro-business is more profitable than war and oil combined!  I have also heard that more people die in the western world from pharmaceuticals and bad medical decisions that any other form of death.  That means that the most dangerous thing you can do for your health and life-span, is go and see your doctor.  Personally, I think the medical profession is good for immediate emergency treatment and in SOME cases diagnosis, however drugs just treat symptoms, they don’t treat the causes and rarely heal.  To my mind it is always detoxification, by eating natural, raw foods, distilled water, exercizing and fasting that returns the body to a pure and natural state, giving they body its best environment to self-heal. Indeed fasting is said to be nature’s cure, and all animals fast when they get sick, because as you fast the body attempts to heal and remove toxins from the body.

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HIV and AIDS Cure? Was HIV bio-engineered?

I have come across a great website called which has a free exchange of medical information, debate and personal stories on possible ‘cures’ on all kinds of illnesses.

There is an amazing section on an apparent cure for HIV and AIDS called Imusil/Tetrasil – see

From what I can gather Tetrasil is a silver compound for external use, which seems to treat many kinds of skin conditions like Psoriasis, Eczmae – see  Imusil is Tetrasil but in an injectable form – this is apparently the one-off injection ‘cure’ HIV/AIDS.

It is a compound of silver Ag.sub.40.sub.4 – quite a simple compound by all accounts.  A man called Boyd E Graves was diagnosed with HIV in the 1970’s and searched for a cure.  He eventually came across this Tetrasil and Imusil and had a one off injection of Imusil that apparently cured him.

Boyd Graves came across a document by the US Government which appears to be conclusive proof that AIDS/HIV was a virus developed by the US government in a population cull of the black people.

The information he uncovered was a flow chart, charting the development of what the US government called the Special Virus Project – see’flowchart/ .  Boyd Davis said that the chart has been independently verified by a dozen doctors who confirmed that HIV/AIDS is in fact man-made.

Tetrasil and Imusil has been patented in the US by a DR Marvin Antelman.  I found the following information on Antelman’s website.

Treatment of AIDS
From an article, Antiviral Tetrasilver Tetroxide Therapy, by Dr Marvin S Antelman. The full 5-page article is available through Dr Antelman or Compassion Response Network.

AIDS-Non Terminal Patients: “Clinical testing was performed at Exetec Lab, SA in Honduras under the supervision of Dr. L Roland Valenzuela. Thirty patients were selected from three etiological AIDS groups, 10 for each group namely, Candidiasis, Wasting Syndrome and p. carinii pneumonia. Each patient was given an intravenous infusion of Imusil administered over a three hour period. All patients experienced temperature elevation within 48 hours of administering the Imusil, which was indicative that the immune system was now functioning along with the fact that all patients also started to have dramatic increases in their white blood cell counts. At the end of 30 days of observation, all patients were cured of AIDS. All patients presenting Wasting Syndrome were completely cured of the Syndrome; the average patient gaining approximately one half pound per day. Three patients were completely cured of their pneumonia. Because the protocol was changed from direct injection to slow i.v. infusion of the Imusil, there were no side effects of hepatomegaly.”

On the ‘curezone’ website there is a lot of very interesting claims made.  That Tetrasil/Imusil is a cure for all pathogen related diseases, like cancer and that it is the cure for Gulf War disease.

‘Infectious Diseases

Status: In independent testing, HIV, the virus that causes AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) was destroyed (98.4%) in-vitro with concentrations as low as 20 parts-per-million. Toxicity analysis in-vitro and in mice showed that the company’s Tetrasilver Tetroxide (TST) does not produce toxic side effects and that healthy tissues are not effected. Because of documented non-toxicity, a limited number of terminally ill AIDS patients suffering from Wasting Syndrome, Candidiasis and P. Carinii Pneumonia have been treated in clinics outside the US. Thirty days after treatment, clinics reported an increase in patient body weight, white blood cells and other key markers.

Because TST is a broad-spectrum anti-pathogen, when administered to AIDS patients it apparently destroys many of the opportunistic infectious diseases that usually accompany HIV/AIDS.

Laboratory and clinical analysis has also documented the ability of TST to destroy the Herpes Simplex virus (HSV-1 and HSV-2) in concentrations below 96 PPM. Limited human clinical studies have produced encouraging results.

The Company expects to continue testing TST against HIV and related opportunistic infections as funding allows.

Several patents and patents pending protect the intellectual property within the areas of infectious disease.

Potential: Infectious diseases have been on the increase worldwide and show no signs of abatement. Antibiotics have no affect on viruses, and bacteria are able to mutate so effectively that antibiotics have diminishing ability to inhibit bacterial growth. In developed countries, as many as 60% of hospital-acquired infections are caused by drug-resistant microbes. Over half of all hospitalized patients are treated with antibiotics. Antibiotics represent a significant portion of overall healthcare costs, accounting for between 20% and 50% of total hospital drug expenditures. TST may offer an alternative to antibiotics.

More people have died from HIV/AIDS over the last twenty years than from any other disease in human history. IMUSIL® (TST formulated for intravenous use) may offer an alternative to other anti-HIV drugs (which are highly susceptible to HIV mutation, can cause severe side effects in patients, require daily dosages, and are very costly). Currently, over 40 million people worldwide suffer from this pandemic, mostly outside the US. Estimates show that a global campaign against the epidemic needs $7-10 billion annually for an effective response in low- and middle-income countries.

Because IMUSIL operates on an entirely different principle from other drugs (including antibiotics and antiretroviral drugs), the Company’s compounds may offer an important alternative in the global fight against infectious diseases.

Next: Outside the US, two (2) clinical trials will be conducted in the coming months using IMUSIL against HIV/AIDS. Based on further documentation of IMUSIL’s efficacy, the Company hopes to receive approval from Ministries of Health in selected countries outside the US for IMUSIL treatment.

Next steps for infectious diseases also include ongoing pre-clinical and clinical research, regulatory new drug application, expanding the medical advisory and management group, and exploring potential strategic alliances.

For additional information, please contact us.

Cancer Therapeutics

Status: A leading independent laboratory tested the effect of TST in-vitro on cultures of a variety of cancer cell lines, including human breast, colon, kidney, leukemia, liver, lung, lymphoma, melanoma, pancreas, prostate and stomach. Results from multiple testing revealed the low-concentration ability of TST to destroy these cancer cells upon contact.

Additional independent testing with TST also documented the compound’s ability to inhibit the production of cervical and mammary cancer cells. Subsequent testing has confirmed TST’s ability to covalently bind with cancer protein and destroy cancer cells. Marantech also contracted for an independent dermatological clinical analysis, including topical treatment of various skin and mucosal tumors with TETRASIL® (the company’s topical formulation). Promising preliminary results, verified by biopsy, were reported, including apparent elimination of cancerous cells in many patients with malignant melanoma, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma, Karposi’s sarcoma, early stage cases of Paget’s disease (nipple carcinoma), and cervical cancer. Results were encouraging and no adverse side effects were observed.

Several patents and patents pending protect the intellectual property within the areas of cancer therapeutics.

Potential: Scientists predict that by the year 2020 there will be 15 million new cases of cancer worldwide each year, and 10 million deaths. Cancer costs Americans alone more than an estimated $107 billion annually. TST systemic and topical therapeutic products may offer a significant alternative to existing cancer therapies.

Next: The Company is exploring strategic alliances and licensing agreements for funding and development of the company’s EJC technology for cancer therapeutics.


Aidance Skincare & Topical Solutions (a division of Marantech) is focused on fully developing the Company’s EJC technology for the treatment of non-cancerous skin conditions and diseases, including commercializing the division’s topical ointment (Tetrasil®).

Status: Independent laboratory and clinical studies commissioned by Marantech indicate that topically applied TETRASIL ointment may lead to improvements in a range of infection-related skin conditions (bacterial, viral, fungal), including cold sores, genital herpes, conjunctivitis, chickenpox, shingles, diabetic leg and foot ulcers, dermal tuberculosis [mycoplasma] and ringworm. Clinical studies also indicate that TETRASIL ointment may promote healing of skin conditions that are neither cancerous nor infection-related, including atopic dermatitis (eczema), psoriasis, poison ivy, and third-degree burns, apparently by both disinfecting the area and triggering an increase in the production of new, healthy skin tissue.

In multiple tests, TETRASIL has proved to be non-toxic. Limited human use of TETRASIL by over 500 patients with some of the above-named skin conditions has produced impressive results and strong testimonials.

Several patents and patents pending protect the intellectual property topical applications of EJCs.

Potential: Several viral, bacterial, fungal and other skin conditions present vexing challenges for the medical community and patients, and TETRASIL may offer an important and timely solution.

107 million people worldwide suffer from Genital and Oral Herpes. In the last two decades, genital herpes has doubled among white adults in their 20s while increasing fivefold among white teenagers, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Now, about one in five teens and adults (some 45 million Americans) has the disease. A recent study estimates that 49 percent of women aged 15 to 39 will be infected with herpes simplex virus type 2 by 2025 if present trends continue. The associated medical costs would rise to $2.7 billion in 2025, from $1.8 billion in 2000. Initial clinical studies and anecdotal reports indicate that TETRASIL is effective against herpes and may offer a viable alternative to current medications.

The wound care market is a $10 billion worldwide industry. In the US alone, this market was estimated to be about $3.7 billion in the year 2000, with a compounded annual growth rate of about 3%. Market data for 2001 indicate that with an estimated 6.6 million patients nationally having pressure ulcers, an estimated $5 billion is spent annually for treatment. The two main types of chronic bacterially induced wounds of concern to the Company are diabetic foot ulcers and decubital ulcers (pressure ulcers, bed sores, etc.). This is a larger market than burns or traumatic and surgically induced wounds combined. In clinical studies and patient testimonials, TETRASIL has shown efficacious results against these types of ulcers.

Next: Clinical studies for TETRASIL will continue in 2003 at selected hospitals inside and outside the US. Current pending studies are focused on pressure ulcers (bedsores) and topical human papilloma virus (HPV) and/or genital warts infection.

Sales of TETRASIL in the US have already commenced. TETRASIL is currently sold without FDA approval as a no-claim product ( Outside the US, the Company has begun shipping TETRASIL in collaboration with key distribution partners. Approval of TETRASIL, either as a cosmetic or pharmaceutical, in selected countries outside is expected to generate modest to significant income within the next few years.

Additional next steps include ongoing laboratory and clinical research, continued commercialization of TETRASIL, FDA new drug application, as well as ongoing application with foreign ministries of health for approval of TETRASIL, and expanding the medical advisory and skincare management group.’


I could not find anywhere to purchase Imusil online, but it may be possible.  A Dr Antelman, the doctor who patented Tetrasil/Imusil as a cure, works with Marantech who used to sell Imusil.  Rumour has it that they don’t sell it now:  apparently they have to test it, so it cannot be released. Dr Antelman has been said to be under a lot of pressure by the authorities, as does anyone who comes up with anything positive and life-enhancing for the masses.  Aidance Products, an offshoot of Marantech do sell Tetrasil online: see  Tetrasil is for topological (external) use I understand. Someone wrote online that you might be able to get hold of Tetrasil and get a doctor to extract it and inject it.  But I have no idea if this is possible or safe.  I am looking it to this and will do an update if I come up with anything.

A friend of mine how is HIV positive started taking the Miracle Minerals Solution called MMS2.  He said that within 4 months,  his viral load reduced from 325000 to 35000 and his physical energy is returning.  This  is available from

We are also going to try to get hold of some Imusil for him to try.  I’ll keep you posted if we succeed, and what the outcome is.


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Very Funny Letters to Dave – by Katy Anchant’s Blog

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When the Condor and the Eagle Fly Together – Peace will Reign

There is a beautiful Hopi legend, that when the Condor and the Eagle fly together, peace will reign on earth. The eagle symbolizes the US and the Condor symbolizes South America. This suggests that when South America and North America work together or unite, then the world will truly transform.

I think there are many interesting signs of change in South America. Drunvalo Melchizedek, who is a very respected spiritual being and teacher, states that the kundalini of Gaia has moved from India and Tibet to the Andes in South America. This movement in recent years, has been the reason for the great upheavals on the planet, but will eventually lead to greater enlightenment for Gaia and all her children. The kundalini is, as I understand it, the spiritual energy similar to the coiled serpentine energy which sits coiled at the base of our spine, and which, it is said, rises up to light all our chakras when we are ready to awaken spiritually. Drunvalo says that, just as many of the wise people and teachings of the last age have come out of India and Tibet, in the coming age we will see the wise teachers and teachings will emerge from South America. Interestingly David Icke received his kundalini awakening in Peru. and is a key teacher for the transition of ages.

Also it is interesting to note how Julian Assange from Wikileaks, someone who is standing up for truth against the dark heart of the shadow forces, is being given refuge in Equador. America has started making diplomatic threats against Ecuador/ Ecuador is brave to give diplomatic protection to Julian Assange who has been declared in secret documents an ‘enemy’ of America. Julian Assange writes from his sanctuary at the Ecuador embassy, that South American countries are learning to work together to stand up to the bully America.

John Pilger, the war journalist who writes truthfully and therefore is rarely if ever seen on mainstream media now, has documented how the poor people came down from their barrios om the hills in Venezuela and won back their president..Chavez, who had been kidnapped by opposition forces, backed by America. The American’s had wanted Chavez out because he was trying to return the oil profits back to the people of Venezuela and was threatening the continuation of cheap oil to America. These kinds of transformations and acting from the heart of the south america people and their leaders…are signs of impending change. John Pilger says that there are many such movements in South America. This suggests a real political, social and spiritual awakening in South America.

Sometimes you find that when the weak kid in the school stands up to the school bully, the two eventually become friends; having learnt lessons from each other. Lets hope that the Condor and the Eagle fly together before long and the peaceful world that most people of this world pray for in the their hearts, will come about. As David Icke says, ‘I have travelled to over 50 countries in my life, and I can count the number of people that actually want war on the fingers of one hand, if that’.

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Emotional Healing – Healing the rift between male and female within and without

After years of fighting in explosive arguments in a relationship, which is now, thankfully over, the light has dawned on that pattern as a result of talking through a terrible row that I had with my male friend recently. By talking through the row in a spirit of exploration and healing and not blaming each other, my friend and I have shed a lot of light on old patterns that we both realized had dominated our past relationships.

It was in a pub in Brighton a few weeks ago, when the big row blew up between myself and my friend. He seemed to behave just like a past partner of mine and I behaved, according to my friend, just like one of his past partners from a long time ago.

What we worked out together by talking carefully through the evening, after leaving a weeks gap so we could calm down, was connected with both our patterns of relating and dealing with fear. He felt that I had attacked him for no reason and caused him a lot of upset. But after discussing it, he saw that he had NOT BEEN CONSCIOUS of his behaviour in the build-up to my explosive reaction. Until we talked about it, he had simply not been aware of how he had behaved towards me. Sometimes the use of alcohol etc can be part of keeping these patterns unconscious, but two people being unable to talk things through dispassionately is perhaps the biggest cause. It is notable also that he said that ‘although I might have seemed aggressive to you, I actually felt like a 2-year old’. He also felt that he was ‘annoying’ me by following me around the pub, whereas in actuality I was feeling intimidated and whilst I didn’t feel in immediate physical danger, I was feeling fearful and my body was releasing adrenaline.

We talked and he realised that he had been feeling fearful around performing on stage in the pub that night, but he had thought that his fear was ‘internal’. He realised that he had been dumping on me by being moody and getting angry with me about something unconnected, which wasn’t my ‘fault’ anyway. I ended up feeling shaky, uncomfortable and shocked and then because I was fearful and on edge I had an explosive reaction. Because my friend had not been aware of his part of being moody and angry, he, at the time, felt he was being mistreated by my explosive reaction.

It was such a relief for me that both he and I could understand what had gone and and that he saw his part in the row; because for years I had gone through this kind of interaction with a past partner, knowing that something UNCONSCIOUS was happening but not knowing what exactly…we were too close to examine it, and he perhaps was too substance affected and unwell also. My ex had always said to blew up over nothing…but I see now he wasn’t CONSCIOUS of the hours of moody, aggressive behaviour that I had endured before I ‘over-reacted’ in anger or fear.

For my part, I also saw for the first time the effect that my ‘explosive reaction’ had on people. It had caused my friend upset for several days. I was sorry for this, and even though I knew that I had not begun the situation, and was so relieved that he had seen his part in the situation, however I had caused harm so it is important that I become more aware. Unlike my friend, I knew how I had I was conscious of ‘exploding’ but I realized that I had been UNCONSCIOUS for a split second before I exploded. At this point I lost the choice of how to react. It was probably the moment that I felt most threatened by my friend’s behaviour as the emotional tension/conflict heated up. I then erupted in an old pattern of defence that I used against my family as a teenager. I went into extreme fight or flight mode. Afterwards, my friend had said that I had had the right idea ie to put a stop to the ‘dumping’ by him, but wrong response. I’m lucky to be working and playing with such a wise friend who has the courage to look at himself, and who understands a lot about male/female interaction.

So both of us were able to shed light on our responses to ‘fear’: ie on this occasion in the form of my friends stage fright and my fear around conflict with a man. It was also patterns of relating with the opposite sex in both of our lives. THis is important to work with because if you can’t see it, you are destined to repeat it…if its a pattern. I know it may not be exactly your pattern, but most if not all people have UNCONSCIOUS patterns of relating. What we are unconscious of becomes our fate. We can leave a partner but not the pattern for if we have not become more CONSCIOUS of what is happening, we may well repeat it with the next partner we find. Sound familiar?

At a deeper level, my friend and I had also worked a little on the archetypal interactions between male and female, albeit within the confines of a boundaried ‘friendship’…easier to work with! There is a new story coming out of an old story here: of women asserting their territory in relationships and how to do that in a balanced and CONSCIOUS way using their male energy. And also of men exploring the realms of their feelings; their female side and of becoming more CONSCIOUS of new ways of doing that.

PS Subsequently I found myself more empowered, dealing with my fear and some rather large and potentially aggressive males but in a more balanced way! And hopefully, one day soon, I will attract a new type of relationship with a man as a result of some of this work I am doing with my friend.

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