What The Brighton People Say

Just a space to record people’s words that strike me as interesting or funny or meaningful – or all three:

 Human Beings are Not Tins of Beans – Dec 2012

My friend said:  ‘managerialism in the NHS is appalling – human beings are not tins of beans’  Referring to the targets in the NHS and voluntary  organisations controlled by governments where there are targets to get so many human beings through a program.  I looked up managerialism and it was defined as follows:    Noun:  Belief in or reliance on the use of professional managers in administering or planning an activity.  PS by me:  they usually get paid an awful lot more than the people actually doing the job, and in my experience rarely seem to consult those doing the job before making sweeping changes!

One Woman’s Struggles – Brighton Superstore Checkout Worker – Dec 2012

A woman working on a superstore’s checkout:  ‘They pay me less than the minimum wage or what it should be, I only get 10% discount on my food and 15% at Christmas.  Ive worked for them for years, and I am working full time now and am only just existing, not living.  If they put the council tax payments up, I won’t be able to manage.  I can’t buy Christmas presents this year except for one child under 18.  I had to nurse my husband through cancer and now I manage alone.  But hopefully something good will be around the corner – have a nice afternoon!’  Fiona’s Comment:  It seems to me some of these rich superstores are tight with their hard-working, loyal staff!!!

Rachel’s Top Tip for Pulling Men Back to You – Dec 2012


A friends Experience with Good Acid in the 70’s – Dec 2012

I understood the language of birds and their body language was part of it on the acid.

Lies of War Reporting – Clive’s Recollections – Dec 2012

Clive who is now in his early 50’s, said that the last time he saw real human suffering in war portrayed on the television was the Vietnam war.  The powers that be, he said, learnt how that brought resistance from the people and now they control all information going out to journalists and the media presents graphs and general images but no human suffering. Hence they can continue to perpetrate their wars with little or no resistance.

Travel Opens Your Mind – Says a Guy from Africa in a Supermarket

A Ghanian guy working in a supermarket said how he had lived in the UK for 12 years but how it had opened his mind.  In Ghana, he said, being gay is not acceptable, they say that it is from bad spirits, but since I’ve been here, I’ve realised that they are just people.  Some of my friends are gay. 

I asked what I would learn if I spent time in Ghana – he said you would learn religion and respect:  you call each other sister brother, and older people by Mr or Mrs and their surname, you would never use their first name, because you honour that they are your elder and you respect and listen to them.

The Afterlife

I was talking to a psychic lady who works in the local Native American Indian shop.  She said that her mother had died but that she was almost immediately in contact with her through mind to mind communication and and that her mother told her it is a simple shift in consciousness and that everything there is love.  She said that her mother said she can’t communicate too much with her because its against sacred law.

 How Brighton!

And I quote:  ‘you could wear a coconut on your head, and no-one in Brighton would bat an eyelid’..in the words of Vikki, a young woman working in a Brighton library. 

Life is No Fairytale

I met a young man called Dan who works in the Fitzherbert pub in Brighton.  He told me a how he had read ‘down and out in London and Paris’ by George Orwell, and he and a friend set out to live wild in Grenada in Spain.  Known as ‘freegan’s there are many people now who consciously choose this path.  He says yes you are often tired and hungry, but everything is a challenge and an adventure.  He even spent some time living in a cave that had a key and a door!  This key was passed on by person to person randomly as each person living there moved on. 

Dan talked about the fact that we are programmed to think formulaicly about life:  you get an education, you get a good job, you meet your fairytale partner, get married, have children, buy a house and live happily ever after.  And he said it is a false concept because reality isn’t like that, but this programming means that most of us spend our lives feeling confused and that they have failed because their lives aren’t working like that.  For example, he said, rarely if ever do you meet people that have a fairytale relationship with someone, it just doesn’t happen.  Although I guess it does sometimes 🙂



More Suicides than War Deaths
Peter and Jonny from Brighton told me that more soldiers had died from suicide in Iraq and Afghanistan from the horrors of war than have died in battle. I then remembered doing an ASSIST suicide course, a strange name for a suicide course…and feeling shocked when I got told that they said that more soldiers had died from suicide worldwide than had died in battle.

I listened to a Nora Jones song about soldiers and it made me sad, check it out:

Judging and Transforming
Yoli who runs a market selling her plant teas and remedies, said how important it is not to judge people, we divide things in by judging. She also said that it is only by transforming ourselves that we change the world.

Shamanic Teachings in Brighton
I met a couple of shamans recently. One talked about coyote dancing; the practice of doing the very opposite of what you usually do. If you’re always nice…try being horrible for a change, if you always shout, try speaing gently. She also said how many people are moving out of karma and into dharma now. She explained karma as living out from your programming, whilst dharma is where you are free to live life from your being. It reminds me of when David Icke said that we live out our programming and life lives us until one day, we start living life. I’m feeling the Dharma thing at the moment, and practising a bit of coyote dancing, with care! This shaman also said that burning sage ie wafting the smoke around yourself and your home can help prevent thoughtforms from sticking and clear negativity from your aura and the surrounding area.

Another shaman said how to call up the four directions, puts you symbolically in the centre of things, and is a powerful way of bringing calm and power into your life, if things are going wobbly.

Taxing the Landowners – comment by me!
I was just thinking how the government are hitting the poor big time through the benefits system, they don’t seemed to have decided to introduce inheritance tax on the landowners who are exempt, I believe, from paying inheritance tax. This is why I hear, they just get richer and richer.

Daniel from Brighton
Daniel said that mastery of the mind is mastery of the breath. He also said that we have all travelled in many star systems, he seemed very sure of his facts!


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